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Emergence of The Perennial Truth

Does God Exist? Where is God? What is God’s Purpose? Is there something beyond God? Am I God? Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I? What is beyond Death? What is Life?

Through our digital publications, The Perennial Truth Foundation offers you a new perspective of understanding; the pain and suffering of your life, the unprecedented changes of the world and the purpose of this cosmic entity we find ourselves in. Discover the hidden meanings behind those existential questions and renew your communion with Divine Consciousness.

Empowering you to become your own spiritual coach.

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Study Your Self

How many masks do you wear? We each have 12 archetypes with individual characteristics and personality traits. Depending on which one takes our seat of will, these archetypes govern how we feel, what we think and the action we take in the world. The archetypes are subjective based on past habit, conditioning and trauma. Discover what’s preventing you from being your True Self.

Free Your Mind

Meditation is not something you do in a closed room. Meditation is a state of being in the present moment where you can access a higher intelligence that aligns to Divine Consciousness. This state of being allows you to see the causality of your experience offering a freedom from the emotional burdens of ignorance. TPTFoundation offers you the exclusive Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation training program to free your mind and be.

Awaken Your Soul

Awakening is something that happens in every moment’s self realization. Maha Khala is a tool that brings you into the present moment and The Perennial Truth offers you the cosmic codex to understand what is, in that present moment. When you can see this for yourself, you transform belief and conditioning into a resurrected truth, that is unique to you. This Self realization becomes your Perennial Truth.

Awaken Your Intelligence

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Ambassadors of Divine Consciousness

Tjaart & Karen Kruger

Read more about Tjaart and Karen independently on the posts. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the spiritual arts, they share their journey through their publications to inspire you towards your own.

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