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The Perennial Truth Foundation is a non profit cause, serving the awakening of consciousness through it’s publications and wellness services, offering a new perspective of understanding and experience of Who You Are, What You Are and Where You Are!

The Purpose of Life is to Surrender to the Present Moment.
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Over 20 years of serving the community


As an Alternative Indie Publisher, Kruger Publications (a subsidiary of TPTF) offers the curious scholar, a theory of cosmic understanding and the reality of the world we find ourselves in. The publications offered by the foundation enables Self Understanding and fosters Self Observation through an integration of transpersonal psychology, spiritual science practices and metaphysical understanding. For the sincere seeker the publications offered include the unique Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation that enables Self Awareness. And for the disillusioned skeptic, The Perennial Truth Foundation offers a range of publications that decodes the hidden messages of the ancient scriptures to offer you a new perspective of understanding for deeper insights, meaning and purpose on your own journey of conscious awakening towards Self Realization. 

Meditation and Wellness

For over 20+ years we have been constantly evolving our services. We have refined our services to be more focused on your need. Our BioPlasm Treatments offer a quantum analysis of your physical health giving you a deeper understanding of the causal issues and how to consciously work on your health. Please note we are not doctors but naturalists and offer recommendations and advice. The scan can be used to empower you should you need to consult with a doctor. For the Mind, the Free Six Stage Maha Khala course is your go to as well as the Archetype Assessment Profile for understanding your ego. For the causal level of being the Vibrational Healing and Sound Bath Treatments can elevate your consciousness to awaken your Soul from it’s identifications.

Tiger Sanctuary

100% of all proceeds from any purchase and bookings made is allocated to the care and wellbeing of Amar, The Gentle Giant and Taara, The Warrior Princess. These Sentient Beings can offer you deeper insights to your fears and profound healing of past traumas. Explore our Self Rehabilitation programs with Amar and Taara. Tjaart and I have dedicated ourselves to serving The Greater Good through the work we do at the Sanctuary. Explore our environmental projects of annual tree planting and the daily feeding program for over 200+ wild birds, geese, ducks and guinea fowls. Your support is highly appreciated and we thank you in advance. It is not possible to awaken consciousness without nature. Nature is the path to awakening and we all have a part in protecting and contributing to it’s care.


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The Perennial Truth

The Perennial Truth is a 3 Part book that is available as a paperback and ebook version.

Maha Khala

The Six Stages of Maha Khala takes you on a step by step journey towards Self Awareness.

The Individual Self

The 12 personas with their unique archetypes govern how we feel, think and take action in the world.

Amar and Taara

100% of all proceeds go towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara at the Sanctuary.


Ahamkara, The Ego

Ahamkara, The Ego (Individual Self) ahamkara, (Sanskrit: “I-saying,” or “I-making”) in Samkhya, one of the six orthodox systems (darshans) of...

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Metaphysical Healing

Explore our wellness services for in-person and distant healing sessions.

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