The Perennial Truth Philosophy offers a higher understanding on the Way of Your Soul with practical tools and techniques to enable an integration of Spirituality into your Daily Life’s activities. For the Sincere Seeker the foundation guides you towards Divine Consciousness with the unique Maha Khala Meditation technique and the ancient Tantric Siddha Tradition of Pranayama and Himalayan Kriya. Explore our books, programs, services and more.


Discover your True Self through a journey of understanding your 12 Archetypes.

Learn how to be Present with our Free Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation Course.

Heal the stored Trauma and Emotional Pain from your Unconscious Mind.

Enter communion with the Cosmic Creator through advanced meditation processes and uncover the True Meaning of Your Life.

Being an Influencer of Divine Consciousness is the Greatest Blessing.

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Truth | Consciousness | Bliss

Spirituality can be found in everything we do. It is not separate from life. Spirituality IS Life! School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient wisdom of Samaya Tantra as detailed in The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul by TLB Kruger. Tjaart and Karen Kruger have offered spiritual science programs for over 20 years. Their Holistic Wellness Sanctuary, nestled in Carlswald AH, offers uniquely focused programs for transpersonal psychology and alternative healing methods, for physical vitality, mental growth, emotional wellbeing and spiritual success. In addition, the online membership platform shares structured courses and resources to propel your spiritual journey through life. Not sure where to start, check out our publications and purchase a copy of The Perennial Truth (also available on Amazon and all leading eBook retailers) 

The Great Work

Self Awareness | Self Observation | Self Awakening

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Self Awareness!

where the journey begins….

TLB and Karen have been teaching Spiritual Sciences for over 3 decades. Their Publication The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul lays the foundation of the ancient eastern codex of Samaya Tantra and a new perspective of the western teachings of the Bible. The Perennial Truth Foundation offers this understanding of Spiritual Sciences and the Metaphysical realms to enable an integration of spirituality into our daily life’s activities. TLB and lifelong partner and student, Karen Kruger, offer meditation techniques to access a higher intelligence that allows us to interpret the obstacles in our life. Self Awareness is where the journey of understanding begins.  Explore our free resources and content to find meaning and purpose beyond the pain and suffering of your life.

Truth. Consciousness. Bliss.

Are you serving life or is life serving your awakening….

The Perennial Truth allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of the completed puzzles on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The body of knowledge provided in this book describes the constituent parts and workings of known reality and our existence within it from a causal level. Get the Book Today! 


The Complete Meditation Training Guide

Access the Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation Course or visit our Meditation Sanctuary and Meditate with Amar the Siberian Tiger and Taara, the Bengal Tigress.

The purpose of life is to surrender to the present moment and move beyond the vacillations of the mind. The Perennial Truth Foundation offers a wholistic approach to Self Understanding, Self Acceptance, Self Awareness and Self Awakening through understanding this cosmic creation and your purpose in it. Life is not separate from Spirituality and God is not separate from life. When you understand this integration in your own life, then truly, every moment’s experience can become magical even in the face of adversity. 

The Disillusioned Christian

We have not only become disillusioned with life but we have also become disillusioned with God. TLB offers you deep insights and truths to ancient scriptures that will re-ignite your belief in God and revive your connection to God again. The Disillusioned Christian refers to anyone who is a Seeker of Truth! Access the YouTube Channel, Blog Posts, Q &A’s,  Transcripts and more when you register…


Self Awareness is at the core of the teachings at The Perennial Truth Foundation. Values cannot be taught! They just become habits and conditioning. Values are deep rooted moral codes that children mimic from their elders. Their first idols are their parents and if we as caregivers don’t even know who we are, how then can we be true inspirational role models to the youth. Come journey with us and lets create the community of oneness that each of us so desires.


We like to believe that we are immortal beings, this airy fairy idea that we are made from star dust and so on. It’s not wrong but truly tell that to your archetypes and see if they wish to no longer exist! Awakening is a gradual journey of many realisations that eventually allows the archetypes to awaken to the truth of What They Are and this truth frees one’s Ego to realise it’s True Self!


The main source of our pain and suffering is that we are never present! Never here right now in this moment. We live in the pain and misery of the past, which we have been conditioned on and we vacillate to the hopes of a different future which never comes. So we never enjoy this moment, the beauty of creation or the joy of just being. As such we create our own reality through gathering these seeds of Karmic debt over and over again.

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