Awakening Consciousness

Since 2004

The origins of  School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient knowledge of Samaya Tantra (7000 BC). The practices taught by School of Samaya (SOS) focus on internal processes of Self Inquiry, Self Observation and Self Reflection. The philosophy taught by SOS, called The Perennial Truth, deals with the role and awakening of individual consciousness within creation, ultimately leading to a state of oneness with the collective consciousness, which is beyond creation. The Perennial Truth is the modern day translation of the ancient texts of Samaya Tantra. 

Spirituality is not separate from life, Spirituality IS life!


About the School

School of Samaya is a Not for Profit, Non Governmental, Non Discriminatory and Non Denominational Cause serving The Greater Good in Humanitarian Awakening and Environmental Awareness. We are a privately owned sanctuary dedicated to the Awakening of the Soul. School of Samaya is Internationally Accredited with IPHM. Our core mission is the Awakening of Consciousness. In Life this manifests as Awareness, Intelligence and Compassion. Samaya Tantra is the goal and Self Understanding is the journey towards the liberation of pain and suffering that life endures. The continued journey of over 50 years between Tjaart and Karen (the founders of the School), focuses on guiding people towards integrating their lives within the mystical powers of consciousness. This journey has lead them to adopt the higher sentient beings Amar, a magnificent blue eyed siberian tiger and Taara, a cutely fiesty and gorgeous bengal tiger who offer an other worldly experience to the private retreats held at the school. Their force resonates in the meditation programs offered at the school.  Read more on Amar and Taara. The SOS online courses are distraction free, and the onsite in-person programs at Samaya Tantra’s Holistic Wellness Sanctuary offer a unique experience to the students. 

About the Founders


TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences over the past 3 decades. He is a CA by profession and spent over 20 years in the corporate sector before investing in his own business. His yearning for Divine understanding and the search for God propelled him to travel across the world to seek wisdom and guidance from various masters. He shares this higher understanding with the world through his writing, workshops and talks. His work breaches the gap between eastern mysticism and western philosophy, evoking a new level of understanding previously unavailable to seekers of the truth. Tjaart is the spiritual master and his 3 decades of spiritual quest and expertise lies in understanding and decoding this cosmic creation.


Karen Kruger is an initiated Master Reiki Practitioner and Pranic Healer. Added to her qualifications, she is an Alternative Healer, Play Therapist and Transpersonal Coach. Her 20 years of personal spiritual studies and experiences lays the foundation of her healing and coaching techniques. Karen shares what she has actually experienced in the hope that you may transcend your own limitations towards awakening your true self. Some of Karen’s spiritual journey includes: The Course in Miracles, Art of Living Yoga & Meditation programs with Sri Sri Ravishankar, From Fear to Love with Osho the Zen Master, Himalayan Kriya with Swami Hari from the Himalayan lineage of Swami Rama and an other worldly connection with Babaji and the life long quest of Samaya Tantra. Karen has published several children’s books, course content and training programs. She facilitates the Masterclass programs and accredited courses at SOS.


Keshan Naidoo has dedicated his life’s journey to serving The Greater Good. His commitment and loyalty to Tjaart and Karen has been eternally received with Grace and Gratitude. Keshan manages the day to day operations of the Sanctuary to ensure your experience at the school is other worldly. Keshan’s personal growth and engagement with Tjaart and Karen affords him the ability to connect with people and offer guidance or just a listening ear of compassion. Not many seekers can surrender the desires of the archetypes and serve a greater cause, for Keshan this comes with ease. Keshan is a valued trustee at School of Samaya.

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