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The Perennial Truth’s teachings are rooted in Truth, Consciousness and Bliss which can be understood in a structured way as detailed in The Perennial Truth book. The objective of the teaching is not to create further belief systems but rather to empower you with the understanding that helps you decode your own life’s events.


The Perennial Truth creates awareness of Who You Are! Discover what conditioned beliefs you have. If your void of consciousness is full of someone else’s beliefs that were indoctrinated into you, its very difficult for anything new to enter. Hence we use the concept of ’emptying your cup’. The first step towards Self Awareness is to realise what thoughts are ours and what thought are from the beliefs of others. These beliefs can be from our social circles, educational systems and even books we have read and adopted the ‘so-called truth’ from others. 

Understanding Who you Are is the first step to Self Understanding and this can be learned through The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul publication. 

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The Perennial Truth Foundation creates awareness of What You Are? Many people are not even aware that they are thinking all the time so when people do the Self Observation practices they don’t know what they are observing. Most people just observe their feelings and relate that to something external, be it a person, environment or situation. At the Foundation, through our publications, we offer practical processes that you can apply to observe your archetypes and discover how these personas govern how you feel, what you think and the action you take in the world based on this. Every thought can be linked to an archetype and when you observe the desires and aversions of these archetypes you transform what you attract in your life.

Getting know What You Are may be the greatest adventure that you can embark on. Discovering the characteristics of each archetypes and the role they play in your life can free you from the chains of self sabotage. 

The Perennial Truth Foundation offers various publications on your archetypes with tangible self observation techniques that you can apply in your life that creates meaning and purpose offering a more fulfilled journey.

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The Perennial Truth Foundation creates awareness of Where You Are? Are you living in the past, in the pain and misery of past events or are you living in the future, in hope and/or anxiety of what will be? For most of us we are never Here! Never in this present moment, right here, right now! Most of our emotional stress and mental anguish can be attributed to the ultimate addiction of over thinking and unreasonable feelings that stems from an unconscious experience that we are not even aware of. Hence we keep vacillating to the past or future and our polarity of energy constantly shifts from positive to negative, negative to positive based on these experiences we find ourselves in. We are never in the present moment. And as such, we leave this life time not really knowing or experiencing  our True Self. The True Self can only be revealed in the present moment. Thinking blocks us from being present, feelings clouds us from the present moment and doing distracts us from the present moment. To be in the present moment you have to be in total acceptance of what is. Your awareness has to expand to include both polarities of time while you rest in the present moment. Only then can you see the truth of that moment. Otherwise it is just one of your archetypes commenting from limited understanding.

Knowing Where You Are in terms of polarity is the first steps towards Self Awareness. The Perennial Truth Foundation teaches you how to expand your awareness and be in the present moment at will. The Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation is the exclusive, and unique to you, training guide that offers a complete program for mindfulness that transforms into meditation.

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The Perennial Truth Foundation creates awareness that God Exists! That there is a Cosmic Creator and that we are just fragments of this consciousness. We are not God!  The Ego has become so identified with the achievements of the archetypes that it can think it is God. And the Soul has become so identified with embodiment that it thinks it is the ego. So this attachment has created a wheel of time, like ground hog day, that keeps turning until we can finally realize What this reality we call life, really is. This realization is not possible without the first three practices. All three levels of being need to be aligned to one truth in order for Self Realization to unveil itself. Self Realization happens when you are ready. One cannot manifest Self Realization or make it happen. Meditation is the ONLY path that can take you there and for most of us we are not ready to let go of the attachments of the world and surrender to meditation.

By understanding these limitations (note this is a generalisation) The Perennial Truth Foundation focuses its final leg of teachings in reminding us about the Cosmic Creator. The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul talks about ‘Are you serving life or is life serving your awakening?’ We use the experiences of life to teach us about the Divine Creator, to remind us that there is a higher power that governs creations through the natural laws and that you are the cause and effect of what transpires in life. The Perennial Truth Foundation reminds us that we are made in the image of the creator and that God should not be created in the image of man. Through applying the above three practices we start observing and connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness and we move through life in communion with the higher powers awakening our fragment of consciousness, the soul, through one realization at a time. And when we are ready this soul awakens to realize it is not this embodiment that it has become so identified with and this allows the soul to dissolve with the whole, the ultimate experience of oneness beyond the wheels of time.

Self Realization cannot be forced, it happens when the levels of being are aligned! 

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