Ahamkara, The Ego

Ahamkara, The Ego (Individual Self) ahamkara, (Sanskrit: “I-saying,” or “I-making”) in Samkhya, one of the six orthodox systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy, the second stage of development of the prakriti, the original stuff of material nature, which evolves into the manifest world. In Hinduism the term also refers to excessive self-regard, or egoism. Ahamkara follows […]

The True Self and The Soul

The True Self and The Soul What is The Self? In understanding The Perennial Truth, one needs to understand the terminologies and their subtle differences. The Self as we refer to it, is the Soul, Pure Consciousness, The Witness or The Observer The Ego-Self or the Individual Self is the True Self. The Self that contains […]

Is the search for truth the same as the search for death?

Sincere Seeker:  Is the search for “the truth” not simply man attempting to account for the greatest unknown ie. Death? TLB: No. Most people do not search for the truth. The opposite of fear is not truth, it is hope. People that fear death generally seek hope, and they find it in religion. As an […]

How would you define Consciousness?

Some ancient yogi’s say that consciousness is intelligence. That your consciousness is the intelligence in you. But I would suggest that intelligence is just another attribute of consciousness. A powerful one, which can easily be perceived, but still only an attribute. What do you think makes one person more intelligent than another? Do they have more consciousness? Or is it something else we are observing? More on this later.

The Value of Mantras

The mantras for help with life include ones for removing obstacles, increasing productivity, improving family welfare, increased security, curing eating disorders, peace and tranquility, career success, security and defense, anxiety/pessimism, love and divinity, fear of death, curing disease and emotional freedom, love/romance, power to control, wealth/prosperity, ability to serve, increased devotion, victory over obstacles or enemies, power of penance, increased wisdom, increased sensuality, increased discrimination, patience and co-operation, courage, and the blessing of grace.

What is the Purpose of Creation?

We are all in search for some meaning to our existential existence. This search starts with asking those fundamental questions on creation and our purpose in it.

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