Awaken Your Soul

From Fear to Love

Our normal state of wakefulness can be described as a state of trance. A state of trance happens when your awareness is focussed on something smaller than everything within the event horizon of your senses. If you were to sit in a small boat, in the middle of an ocean, and look all around you, your event horizon would be as far as the eye can see. Or as far as the ear can hear. The truth is that we are so contained within our small context of identification, that we aren’t even aware of our event horizon. We aren’t aware of what is going on around us. In psychology we would say you are in a state of trance. 

You may be walking down a path, so occupied with your own thoughts about something important, that you don’t notice the beautiful blossoms on the trees you are passing by. You aren’t even aware of the trees. You may walk past those trees every day, and never see them. Whenever you are not fully aware of all five sensory dimensions of your present moment, you are essentially in a state of trance.

The same thing happens when you become fully engrossed in an activity. Like while you are watching a movie, someone could be calling your name, but you don’t hear them. That is why you often hear spiritual coaches say that we are asleep and need to wake up. They are, of course, referring to the fact that we spend most of our waking lives in a state of trance, with only limited awareness of the present moment. When we engage with entertainment we exchange our trance of life for one that is more interesting or more pleasant.

Have you noticed how selective your conscious awareness is? It is constantly focussed on those aspects of the present moment that are important to your ego, while you zone out the rest. This causes a state of trance. Mindfulness is a step in the direction of the state of meditation. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. Then. When you relax that awareness, it becomes meditation.

Now back to the initial question: are you tired of being alone, anxious, depressed or lost?

Maha Khala connects you with the Whole. It integrates you with the power, intelligence and love of the Whole. The spiritual experiences people have while in the state of meditation comes from the forces of the collective consciousness.

There is a lot of misinformation on the web about meditation. Meditation is thought to be techniques you practice while being away from your normal life. It is regarded as separate from life, almost like going to church on Sundays. Maha Khala can turn any activity into meditation. It awakens you from the slumber of trance, and allows you to awaken no matter what you are doing. It consciously reintegrates you with the larger Whole that you are already part of. You go back online. And with it, that feeling of being separate, alone, lost in a world without purpose, disappears.

There is a huge difference between a meditation technique and the actual state of meditation. That is the simple truth. A guided meditation can lead you to a relaxed state, but in itself the technique is just a mental activity. Like mindfulness. There is nothing wrong with learning how to meditate in a silent, peaceful space, but ultimately you want to bring this state of meditation into life with you. So that it can become your new waking state. A state beyond the trance called life.

Meditation is an effortless state of awareness. You are aware of everything, yet you are not drawn to any particular thing. You are aware of the whole, rather than the parts. You are physically, mentally and emotionally available to the present moment, yet you are not drawn to any particular sensation, thought or feeling. It is a state of all-inclusiveness, without effort. It is the relaxed, yet fully aware state of consciousness. A state of being from where everything meaningful originates – oneness with the whole, with everything that is.

But that doesn’t mean that you should be doing nothing. You should be able to evoke this state on the sport field, in the classroom, and at the social event. Practicing on your own is cool, but what are you doing it for? When you become good at it, you will want to take this state of consciousness, of awakedness everywhere. That is what awakening is all about. It should not remain a small activity you only do in the privacy of your room in the mornings. Take it into the world with you. Dynamic Maha Khala that will allow you to do exactly that.

Have you ever experienced that state of being when something you did is recognized, awarded, and you suddenly feel loved and accepted by everyone? Connected to everyone? This is similar to being connected to the Whole. You feel like everyone is with you. We are often told that love is the highest experience. That without love, we have nothing. That unconditional love is the highest experience. But I am here to tell you that this is not true. There is a state higher than love. It is known as the Great Unity. With love, two are still required. But with the Great Unity, everything becomes one. My left hand does not need to love my right hand, because they are part of the same body. When you perceive everything and everyone as One, no love is required. You treat them as yourself. Because there is no two. Everything is One.

It is like when you have a dream. In your dream there could be many other people. And yet it is your consciousness that has created all the other people in the dream. You are everything in the dream. There is no one or anything in the dream that is not you. Yet you think you are separate from these others in the dream. Realizing that the whole dream is you, that you are the whole dream, is similar to experiencing the Great Unity.

Maha Khala will help you to experience the Great Unity, and with it the power of the Whole, the intelligence of the whole, and the love of the whole, becomes available to you. Or let’s rather say you become available to it. Incredible, isn’t it?

The most effective meditation technique available in the world today is known as the Maha Khala. It was lost for millennia. Seven thousand years ago humans were falling into darker times and losing mental abilities like communicating telepathically. Hieroglyphics followed, and then spoken language. In the Bible this time was earmarked by the story of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues.  It was a time of tremendous change. And during this time, techniques like Maha Khala were lost. It used to be basic training for the mind. Children that struggled to connect, were taught the Maha Khala.

The Age of Aquarius we are in now is also a time of tremendous change. The beginning of a new Great Year cycle, with the exponential growth of knowledge and understanding of humankind. Except now we are rising in mental awakening, rather than falling into a dark age. This is a time of ascension of consciousness. The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul offers a codex for understanding your experiences as your void of consciousness expands.

Any practice that leads you away from the present moment, is a trance technique, and is not leading you towards meditation. All you are doing is swapping your trance of life with a more pleasant trance. Most guided meditation techniques are in fact trance techniques that use aspects of hypnosis to give you peace of mind. It is impossible for Maha Khala to become a habit or trance technique because it works with the senses that integrates the 3 levels of being. Maha Khala connects you with reality.

So awakening of your soul is a 7-fold quest:
1. Learning how to be thoughtless
2. Remaining Choiceless
3. Moving Effortlessly
4. Accepting what is
5. Dropping all identification
6. Being Authentic

And TPTFoundation offers you the wisdom and practices to achieve this state of being!

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