The greatest adventure of life is in the inner quest of one's true self.

TLB Kruger is a spiritual science adept in search for the highest truth of creation and the awakening of consciousness. He shares his life’s quest through his writings in the hope that it may inspire and motivate you on your own personal journey. In a difficult industry for upcoming authors specialising in the spiritual arts, TLB showed his commitment as the scribe by introducing Kruger Publications as an Indie Publisher sharing his works in non fiction and didactic fiction tales for both adults and young ones. Karen’s contribution to Kruger Publications is shared through her children’s publications and inner child works for adults. Her practical workbooks help people understanding their karmic lessons allowing them to discover their True Self. Karen’s purpose is to foster a real intimacy with Divine Consciousness and the Cosmic Creator. Our range of publications include ebooks, audio books, video books, podcast episodes, blog posts, YouTube content and much more. 

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The Journey

the perennial truth programs

Although we are all moving towards the same goal, each one of us are at a level of awakening that is unique to us.

Self Awareness is an internal process of Self Inquiry, Self Observation and Self Reflection. It is not something you can force. Our unconscious holds eons of karmic impressions that is carried from lifetime to lifetime. Moving with Awareness is the key, to step beyond the Wheels of Samsara, to the Awakening of our True Self, the Soul. 

The Perennial Truth is at the core of all our publications. Each publication focuses on a specific topic to deepen one’s understanding and together they make up the full content required for any seeker on the path of spiritual awakening. The journey cannot be rushed and there are no quick fixes. Our various mediums of books offers a personal library for your need. Choose the topics that can help you right now and allow the practices to transform your awareness. 

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