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  1. Introduction to Maha Khala

    Introduction to Maha Khala
  2. The Six Stages of Maha Khala
  3. Stage One of Maha Khala
    Beyond Thinking
  4. Stage One - Self Reflection
  5. Stage One - Step One Practice
  6. Stage One - Step Two Practice
  7. Stage One - Step Three Practice
  8. Summary of Stage One
  9. Stage One - Self Practice
  10. Stage One - Self Assessment
  11. Stage Two of Maha Khala
    Beyond Choosing
  12. Stage Two - Self Reflection
  13. Stage Two - Step One Practice
  14. Stage Two - Step Two Practice
  15. Stage Two - Step Three Practice
  16. Summary of Stage Two
  17. Stage Two - Self Practice
  18. Stage Two - Self Assessment
  19. Stage Three of Maha Khala
    Beyond Passion
  20. Stage Three - Self Reflection
  21. Stage Three Process
  22. Summary of Stage Three
  23. Stage Three - Self Practice
  24. Stage Three - Self Assessment
  25. Stage Four of Maha Khala
    Beyond Identity
  26. Stage Four - Self Reflection
  27. Stage Four Process
  28. Summary of Stage Four
  29. Stage Four - Self Practice
  30. Stage Four - Self Assessment
  31. Stage Five of Maha Khala
    Beyond Ego
  32. Stage Five - Self Reflection
  33. Stage Five Process
  34. Summary of Stage Five
  35. Stage Five - Self Practice
  36. Stage Five - Self Assessment
  37. Stage Six of Maha Khala
    Become the Void
  38. Stage Six - Self Reflection
  39. Stage Six Process
  40. Summary of Stage Six
  41. Stage Six - Self Practice
  42. Stage Six - Self Assessment
  43. 21 Days of Maha Khala
    21 Days of Maha Khala
  44. 21 Days of Maha Khala - Self Assessment
  45. The Maha Khala 5x5 Challenge
    The Maha Khala 5x5 Challenge
  46. 5X5 - 3 Day Maha Khala Challenge
  47. 5X5 - 3 Day Self Assessment
  48. 5X5 - 7 Day Challenge
  49. 5X5 - 7 Day Self Assessment
  50. 5X5 - 21 Day Maha Khala Challenge
  51. 5X5 - 21 Day Self Assessment
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Become the Void

Awaken Your True Self

Beyond the desires and aversions of the archetypes,
your individual self (your ego) awaits the reunion with your True Self, your Soul. 

Meditation is an effortless state of awareness. You are aware of everything, yet you are not drawn to any particular thing. You are aware of the whole, rather than the parts. You are physically, mentally and emotionally available to the present moment, yet you are not drawn to any particular sensation, thought or feeling. It is a state of all-inclusiveness, without effort. It is the relaxed, yet fully aware state of consciousness. A state of being from where everything meaningful originates – oneness with the whole, with everything that is.

But that doesn’t mean that you should be doing nothing. You should be able to evoke this state on the sports field, in the classroom, and at the social event. Practicing on your own is cool, but what are you doing it for? When you become good at it, you will want to take this state of consciousness, of awakedness everywhere. That is what awakening is all about. It should not remain a small activity you only do in the privacy of your room in the mornings. Take it into the world with you. Dynamic Maha Khala that will allow you to do exactly that.

Have you ever experienced that state of being when something you did is recognized, awarded, and you suddenly feel loved and accepted by everyone? Connected to everyone? This is similar to being connected to the Whole. You feel like everyone is with you. We are often told that love is the highest experience. That without love, we have nothing. That unconditional love is the highest experience. But I am here to tell you that this is not true. There is a state higher than love. It is known as the Great Unity. With love, two are still required. But with the Great Unity, everything becomes one. My left hand does not need to love my right hand, because they are part of the same body.

When you perceive everything and everyone as One, no love is required. You treat them as yourself. Because there is no two. Everything is One.

It is like when you have a dream. In your dream there could be many other people. And yet it is your consciousness that has created all the other people in the dream. You are everything in the dream. There is no one or anything in the dream that is not you. Yet you think you are separate from these others in the dream. Realizing that the whole dream is you, that you are the whole dream, is similar to experiencing the Great Unity.

Maha Khala will help you to experience the Great Unity, and with it the power of the Whole, the intelligence of the whole, and the love of the whole, becomes available to you. Or let’s rather say you become available to it. Incredible, isn’t it?

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