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  1. Introduction to Maha Khala

    Introduction to Maha Khala
  2. The Six Stages of Maha Khala
  3. Stage One of Maha Khala
    Beyond Thinking
  4. Stage One - Self Reflection
  5. Stage One - Step One Practice
  6. Stage One - Step Two Practice
  7. Stage One - Step Three Practice
  8. Summary of Stage One
  9. Stage One - Self Practice
  10. Stage One - Self Assessment
  11. Stage Two of Maha Khala
    Beyond Choosing
  12. Stage Two - Self Reflection
  13. Stage Two - Step One Practice
  14. Stage Two - Step Two Practice
  15. Stage Two - Step Three Practice
  16. Summary of Stage Two
  17. Stage Two - Self Practice
  18. Stage Two - Self Assessment
  19. Stage Three of Maha Khala
    Beyond Passion
  20. Stage Three - Self Reflection
  21. Stage Three Process
  22. Summary of Stage Three
  23. Stage Three - Self Practice
  24. Stage Three - Self Assessment
  25. Stage Four of Maha Khala
    Beyond Identity
  26. Stage Four - Self Reflection
  27. Stage Four Process
  28. Summary of Stage Four
  29. Stage Four - Self Practice
  30. Stage Four - Self Assessment
  31. Stage Five of Maha Khala
    Beyond Ego
  32. Stage Five - Self Reflection
  33. Stage Five Process
  34. Summary of Stage Five
  35. Stage Five - Self Practice
  36. Stage Five - Self Assessment
  37. Stage Six of Maha Khala
    Become the Void
  38. Stage Six - Self Reflection
  39. Stage Six Process
  40. Summary of Stage Six
  41. Stage Six - Self Practice
  42. Stage Six - Self Assessment
  43. 21 Days of Maha Khala
    21 Days of Maha Khala
  44. 21 Days of Maha Khala - Self Assessment
  45. The Maha Khala 5x5 Challenge
    The Maha Khala 5x5 Challenge
  46. 5X5 - 3 Day Maha Khala Challenge
  47. 5X5 - 3 Day Self Assessment
  48. 5X5 - 7 Day Challenge
  49. 5X5 - 7 Day Self Assessment
  50. 5X5 - 21 Day Maha Khala Challenge
  51. 5X5 - 21 Day Self Assessment
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Stage Three – Self Practice

Beyond Passion

Learning how to be is the most important thing you will ever learn in your life. It changes everything. It sets you free. Life runs after you, instead of you running after life. It is the answer you have been searching for all of your life.

Evoking an integrated state of being allows you to rise above the vacillation of life. Allows you to rise above the stream of relentless thoughts and feelings. To be or not to be. That is the question. When you can just be, life becomes effortless, joyous and meaningful.

The objective of the 7 Day self practice is to foster a deepening of the Maha Khala Stage One Practice. Through this self work you will be able to assess whether you need a refresher on the processes or be confident in knowing that you’re ready to move forward.

Practice Maha Khala daily and apply the below guidelines of observing the effects of Maha Khala in your life’s activities.

What to Observe?

Day 1 – What aspects of your day were you most passionate about?

Day 2 – Were you able to observe the vacillation of your emotions?

Day 3 – What triggered an emotional response today?

Day 4 – Were you able to engage in the activities of the day with no effort?

Day 5 – Have you been able to identify why you are so passionate?

Day 6 – Were you able to allow the present moment to effortlessly guide you?

Day 7 – Have you noticed a difference in your energy levels and the ability to get things done without emotional attachment?

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