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The Quest

An innate craving in each one of us, is to meet our maker! We strive lifetime after lifetime for perfection. The desire for perfection in the objects of the world, the words of our peers or the acceptance of the world, puts immense amounts of pressure on our self worth and striving to be the best that we can. This journey leads us to ‘prove’ ourselves in the world which becomes our Nemesis, because this very quest takes us further from our cause as we get lost in the demands of capitalism and commercial endeavours.

The Perennial Truth Foundation hopes to offer you understanding of the wheels of time and how to apply this in your life to find balance and purpose towards serving the awakening of your soul. Nothing is separate from God! Life is God! Navigating through life with awareness, now that’s the secret!

The 3-fold approach to awakening of the soul rests in :

1. Truth (Sat)

When you can learn how to move through life with awareness, an unfathomable truth is revealed for your understanding. TPT offers the codex for understanding life and the cosmic architecture of creation.

2. Consciousness (Chit)

Feeling disconnected from the whole, is a result of the fears and anxieties of your 12 archetypes, which sabotages your joy. We are made in the image of God! Understanding this allows us to step beyond our archetypes to discover our True Self that is the child of God.

3. Bliss (Ananda)

True joy can only be found in the present moment. The purpose of life is to learn how to surrender to this moment.


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