Darkness is part of the human experience

Darkness is part of the human experience 

2 September 2023

I stumbled on a realisation that has completely changed the way I see thing’s, It is a realization that relates to the modern world I find myself in.

In this fast moving, technology era, I find myself running from one thing to another, constantly seeking the next thing for temporary happiness and distraction to avoid my own inner storms. The pressures of society, the demands of work and the hectic nature of my life all contributes to a sense of restlessness, leaving me feeling dissatisfied so much

Maha Khala helped me, uncover this truth, that all the things I deny or run away from in my life, eventually manifest as demons that relentlessly follow me. These shadows will be growing stronger with each attempt I try escape them, until I must face them head on.

It is as if the darkness I avoid becomes intense abd stronger, transforming into demons that haunt my thoughts, dreams, and day to day life, These unfaced issues of my existence silently drain my Prana patiently waiting for me to acknowledge their existence.

Today, in my Maha Khala session, I allowed myself to explore these hidden demons to confront the suppressed emotions and unresolved experiences that haunts me. I realized that true peace is not in escaping these demons, but by changing my relationship with them. The darkness within me is part of being human. It is the veil to my vulnerabilities, fears, and insecurities. But instead of throwing it aside, I understand that I must accept it with compassion and acknowledge its presence.

This world, full of external validation, I am so use to dismissing my inner struggles and focusing solely on material success. running towards the light, hoping to fibd fulfillment, unaware that the shadows we leave behind continue to grow darker.

However, today’s Aaah ha moment taught me that the light I seek is not an external destination, but a state of being that comes with accepting and integrating my shadows turning towards the darkness within me and by doing this I pave the way towards true awakening.

This path is not about eliminating the darkness, but about finding balance and harmony within it. It is about caring for the light within myself and allowing it to shine through the cracks my imperfections.

I am filled with appreciation for the transformative power of Maha Khala. I am embracing the demons in order to shinev in the authentic light that lies within me

In a world consumed by temporary happiness and material success, it is the acceptance of the shadows and the understanding that they are part of my human experience that can truly lift me to awakening and inner peace.

I am armed with the knowledge that my shadows shouldn’t be feared, but rather seen as a potent tool for spiritual growth and healing to awake from the dream called life.

“Your state of being determines your happiness.” >TLB Kruger<

Love & Light


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