Integrating Spiritual Sciences into our Daily Activities

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Spirituality can be found in everything we do. It is not separate from life. Spirituality IS Life! School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient wisdom of Samaya Tantra as detailed in The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul by TLB Kruger. Tjaart and Karen Kruger have offered spiritual science programs for over 20 years. Their Holistic Wellness Sanctuary, nestled in Carlswald AH, offers uniquely focused programs for transpersonal psychology and alternative healing methods, for physical vitality, mental growth, emotional wellbeing and spiritual success. In addition, the online membership platform shares structured courses and resources to propel your spiritual journey through life. Not sure where to start, check out our publications and purchase a copy of The Perennial Truth (also available on Amazon and all leading eBook retailers)

The purpose of life is to surrender to the present moment!



The Meditation Centre truly is such an inspiration to me. I normally don’t get involved in any of this due to people in the past that have used us (sponsors) and it wasn’t really going for a good cause. It’s nice to be involved in something that I truly believe in as ther meditation Centre hasn’t only helped and changed my life(which will continue going forward) but also my mums.



I recommend Maha Khala Meditation. It is amazing. You see, I have tried various different daily meditations in person and online over the years but never found one that I stuck to.  The Maha Khala meditations works for me for a variety of reasons but the main one being the simplicity of it, because its meditation on the senses.  Hence it can be done anytime anywhere and for any duration. Which means anyone can learn to meditate and can meditate daily. 

Elvis Alwali


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Karen for accommodating my family and taking us through an absolutly amazing journey with the healing. It was something that I really wanted to do, for the healing to begin with regard to things we speak about and things we do not speak about. Karen was so accurate on the things she shared with us, the manner in which the session was facilitated, the guidance and inspiration received that morning has stayed with us! I love that Karen made everyone feel comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for starting this healing journey for us, to introducing us to a beautiful way of being. I have trusted Karen with my daughters and my family. Thank you so much! Thanks again Karen, I really don't have enough words to say how much that session has meant to me, to all of us 🙂

Vashi Suredin