The word GOD means to invoke,
to call or to summon.

The forces of creation all have a common ancestor – The Trinity! These forces cascade from the level of the ego to the level of matter, directed by the creative octave of consciousness. To receive a desired result in your life, the correct force needs to be evoked. 

Mantras are a form of invoking these forces and connecting to the larger whole, to pure consciousness.The ancient eastern mystics have held the secrets of mantras for millennium. Mantra’s, when practiced with devotion, can transform your world and what you attract. 

We offer a few main events that honour the forces of the Trinity based on the ancient eastern traditions. Our practices, however, follow the Samaya Tantra Tao and replace external rituals with internal processes of self inquiry, self observation and self reflection for gratitude, blessing and devotion to the force honoured. 

These devotional events are in-person and by invite only to members and students of the foundation.


Honour of Force of Balance 


Honour the Force of Intelligence 

Krishna Janmashtami

Honour the Force of Creativity


Honour the Force of Victory

Easter Monday

Honour the Force of Devotion

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