Advanced Maha Khala Silence Retreat with Amar and Taara

Maha Khala – From Fear to Love | A Self Acceptance Retreat with Amar and Taara

This extra special retreat is by invite only.

  1. You must have completed the Maha Khala 2 Day Meditation Workshop
  2. You must have completed the Know Thy Ego Masterclass
  3. You must be a regular participant at the Maha Khala – Perennial Sessions on Sundays

Spend 2 days in the space of Amar and Taara and the natural settings of our Sanctuary. This session teaches you The Art of Being present in daily activities and the secrets of Self Acceptance. The program includes creative art, journaling, inner child healing, fire cleansing and much more. It is a full day,  into the evening program, with a Lunar Moon Meditation to close the first days session and a Mantra Initiation to close the second day. 

Dates of the Retreat :
16th & 17th December

Times :
Saturday from 7.30am to 8pm
Sunday from 9am to 7pm

Cost of the Retreat :
R 3500 all inclusive of resources and meals

This is a non residential program but accommodation can be arranged at an additional fee to the cost of the retreat. 

This retreat is limited to 12 persons only for the extra personal attention shared. 

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