Free Your Mind

The exclusive technique that The Perennial Truth Foundation offers is called Maha Khala. Maha means Highest and Khala means Beyond Time. When we can free our mind from thinking all the time, we become available to the cosmic intelligence of creation that has all the answers. Can you remember a time when you just knew something? We are conditioned to think that this is our 6th sense, our intuition and that’s not wrong but there is so much more to this. Your ability to tap into this higher intelligence and realise your unlimited potential is probably the greatest kept secret.

Thought Addiction

When you start meditating or attempt to quiet your mind, one of the first things you will notice is that you can’t stop thinking. We take this condition as normal. Serving life, we don’t think of this as a problem, as long as the thinking stops when we go to sleep. When thoughts start invading your sleep, you may encounter insomnia, which is regarded as a disorder. But when thinking stops us from being in the present moment during waking hours, this is not considered a disorder. We think of this condition as normal. We don’t think there is anything wrong with thinking all day long.

The truth of the matter is that most of us have a thinking addiction over which we have lost control. We can’t stop thinking even when we want to. We wait until we are so tired that we can’t stay awake and then go to sleep. We accept this as normal. For a self-realized person, this is not normal. A self-realized person thinks and feels only when they want to.

Our intellect is like a car without an off switch. It keeps running with thoughts until it runs out of fuel. If you had a car that you couldn’t switch off, would you accept that as normal?

While the intellect has energy, we are overwhelmed by the compulsion to remember, reason, infer, or imagine. Giving it more energy, by doing pranayama, for example, only exaggerates the problem. We then confront it with sleeping pills, and groggy days. Or we displace it with other addictions that are worse, like drinking to forget. Or we take drugs to step beyond the confining boundaries of logical reasoning. Some watch movies to distract their intellect. Others play games. Do you think this situation is acceptable?

The Art of Being

The first secret of The Art of Being, is that you have to understand the difference between having and being. You can have things on the outside but you are within. Knowing how to be is much more important than having things. Having things cannot change who you are on the inside. Something on the outside can influence your state of being on the inside for a short while, but soon it passes and then you are back to being yourself. Then you run after the next thing that can make you feel good about yourself once more. But it can never make a real difference. Not for long. Having a car, a career, a partner, a house, even children, or fame and fortune, can make a difference for a short while. But it doesn’t last. Soon, the honeymoon is over, and you have to chase after the next person who will make you feel good about yourself. Are you getting this?

So, how do we get out of this situation? Having more is not going to solve it. There are so many guru’s in the world today who claim they can teach you how to have more, better, the best. How to be successful. But it is not going to help. Because you haven’t learnt how to be. You haven’t learnt how to shine from within. How to be the master of yourself. If you are not the master of your thoughts and feelings, then they are your master. You dance to their tune. Once you have learnt how to be, it doesn’t matter what happens to you in life. Because then things happening on the outside don’t change how you feel. You are happy in spite of what is happening on the outside. Your happiness becomes untouchable by what is happening in the world. I know you are getting this. There are two steps to being happy. Firstly you have to learn how to be. And once you have learnt how to be, you can choose to be happy. Two steps, and happiness can be yours. And once you are happy in spite of the world, you will become a beacon to others.

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