Healing Crisis

What is Healing Crisis

We often run for alternative healing solutions as the latest fashion trend, but do we truly understand how this works? Do you vett the healer by word of mouth, recommendation or do you contact the first one that comes up on your google search and trust that they know what they are doing because of a fancy ad or positive reviews that you don’t really know is true or not! 

What is healing and how does it work? 

When you go to the doctor and he prescribes a pill, you take the headache tablet and the pain goes a way! Boom Bob’s your uncle I feel better already! But any form of vibrational healing is very different. If a practitioner guarantees, he or she can heal the pain of your lower back, I’d say get your money back because no alternative healer, specifically vibrational healer, can guarantee to fix a specific issue. You may feel a placebo effect from the session and a week or two later the pain is back and you start thinking oh it’s because I didn’t take that salt bath or smudge myself like she said etc etc and that spiral of negative impressions creates a whole range of other unconscious issues of self sabotage……more for another day…

So back to vibrational healing. When a practitioner becomes the vessel to channel healing through to you, they are just that! They are not God! Consciousness works through them and healing energy is transmuted to your etheric fields that then penetrate through your levels of being. Any good healer would work on your auric fields first to open up your energy centers that will then allow healing energy to filter through. Obviously protection symbols and mantras are used to ensure no other dark/opposite forces of energy filter through and that you are in a safe and protected space. 

So I divert again….coming back to vibrational healing…

Based on your unconscious and the baggage that you hold there, the energy flows to where it is most easily received. Like a river that flows back to its source, energy does the same. A practitioner can absolutely direct the energy towards a specific area yes, but we have no control of that! If a person is quite blocked then transmuting energy is difficult and the practitioner can only work on the physical level of being. But if the client is quite relaxed and open to healing then deeper penetration of energy healing happens in the mental and causal beings, hence you may see visions, colors etc or have intensive emotional experiences during the session.

And sometimes the effects are only after the session. Within the 3 to 7 day period after the session you may get insights on certain aspects of your life? You may have visions or just know stuff. There may be a surety or deep understanding about a past event etc or you may pull out the box of tissues and ball yourself to sleep for a few days not understanding what the hell is gonna on and after the 3rd day or so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Different strokes for different folks! 

So the experiences that normally occur a day or two after the session is called healing crisis. Generally the effects are not good. You could feel physical illness eg sinusitis, diarrhea, headache,  cramps or your mentrsual cycle (women) may even start. On the mental level of being you may have visions that are vivid and empowering and this may pull you into the negative polarity which affects your emotional being by projecting distressed behaviors like crying, anger, silence, depression, anxiety etc etc. And the same can happen directly at the causal level of being where you’re feeling this burst of negative feelings and not sure where it’s coming from because it’s not attached to any thoughts of the mental being and so for about 3 days you’re either Cruella and the anger and frustration releases outwards or you’re the damsel in distress and martyr takes over feeling sorry for itself. Either way healing is happening on an unconscious level. Hence with Self Awareness you understand exactly what is happening to the body, where the thoughts are coming from the mind and these intense feelings are accepted as a form of karmic release.   

This goes much deeper to understand. Read TPT on the levels of being or if that’s too heavy start with Keys of Yama which is an easier read. So the next time you go for a vibrational healing session, honour the process and make sure you don’t have a hectic social calendar for at least 7 days after your session, because all the work that the practitioner, your spirit guides and higher forces would have channeled to your levels of being, would be in vain. Yes! Healing is only as good as the intention of the client. If you’re determined to grow then become your own practitioner, learn the art of self healing and direct the healing to where you need it most. Remember healing is not one dimensional, there are different forms of healing for the body, mind and emotions so don’t just be blind to think that crystals can fix everything!

My moto : Cut out the middle man! Learn the alternative arts for yourself and your family. If you have one of those days then yes, going to someone that can help is advisable, but if your spiritual practices becomes a daily routine an you integrate this into your life, then you won’t need to. Empower yourself don’t leave your well-being in the hands of someone else! 

Oh did I mention : I offer one on one and group healing sessions and microdosing sessions 😉 ;-P

Understanding your Levels of Being

It’s important to Know Who You Are? You can do as many workshops and courses but if you don’t understand your self, you’re just a headless chicken running around in circles in a placebo effect of euphoria with no real depth of understanding and awareness.

ps: that’s why this blog post is called A Bitch Called Karen! Truth can cut deep and the wounds burn a pain you prefer not to experience.

So again empower yourself. Understand your levels of being! You are not just one entity by name. Your construct starts with these 3 levels of being and for the advanced spiritual seeker the 4th way being the Way of Your Soul. 

Signs of Healing Crisis

So now that you have a basic understanding of what Healing Crisis is, here’s how can you identify that you’re in this state. The effects are generally experienced between 3 to 7 days from the session date

Below are some of the most common signs that you’re going through healing crisis :

  1. Sinusitis 
  2. Headaches
  3. Diarreah
  4. Scratchy throat – Dry Cough
  5. Fatigue
  6. Lethargy
  7. Demotivation
  8. Depressive Behavior
  9. Crying
  10. Anger and Irritability
  11. Body harm
  12. Aggressive behaviors
  13. Reclusive 
  14. Heavy
  15. Emotional
  16. Irregular Menstruation 
  17. Tummy pain
  18. Back pain
  19. Spasms
  20. Gout
  21. Spasms
  22. Short breath
  23. Other that is not usual for you 

Understanding Your Healing Process

So within your levels of being you have these 7 main energy centers and 7 main realms of your creative construct. When healing is channeled it is generally focused on these points of entry and exit. Entry of healing energy and Exit of toxins and negative energy. 

Vibrational healing energy channels through these openings to where it is needed.

Read more on this as it is quite detailed and can’t be explained in just a short blog post. 

How to get through Healing Crisis

What should you do :

  • Be with it! If there’s physical pain, try and feel the pain, be with it, don’t suppress it with pain killers etc. If there’s mental anxiety watch your thoughts.  Be with it. Journal what’s happening, what thoughts are coming up. For the advance TPT seeker try and distinguish which archetype it is and why they are reacting the why they are. Watch your thoughts. Observe what’s pulling them into the negative polarity. Don’t take action, don’t change the thoughts, just observe and become the witness to your mind and the thoughts. 
  • Buy yourself a weighted blanket and box of tissues, get into bed and sleep it through. Cry as much as you need to or can. Allow the feelings to release. 
  • Journal, paint, write about these emotions. Don’t rationalize anything just express the emotions that you’re feeling. Bake or Cook if that helps. Anything creative allows the toxins to be removed more freely. The mental being stores toxins if there is no understanding.
  • Let your family know in advance, so they too can give you the space to heal. Otherwise what you were trying to let go off repeats it’s karmic cycle.
  • If the feelings are intensive, take extra salt baths or shower scrubs, use white sage to help cleanse the negative energy. Be in nature and allow the earth to draw these negative feelings.
  • Burn incense or candles to smudge your space because what you release is still in the environment and needs to be released from that space as well.
  • Do Kabalabhati and the Himalayan Kriya twice a day to help your healing process.
  • Remember the objective is to release not suppressed
  • Surrender to Divine and ignite your communion with God and allow your self to be divinely guided
  • Refrain from stimulants, and tamasic foods. Try and keep a vegetarian diet with fresh produce
  • If you’re feeling overly depressive contact your practitioner immediately and share the effects that you are experiencing
  • Refrain from sexual activity for the week as orgasms burn up your prana and prana is required from healing.
  • Refrain from pharmaceutical pills that suppress your healing. Please note my disclaimer and indemnity in this statement. Apply more self observation, self reflection and self healing rather than quick fixes. The alternative arts is almost the opposite of the Big Pharma world.
  • You can’t rush healing you have to just be available to it.
  • Lastly, remember no pain, no growth. You need to go through the raging fires of pain, before any form of transformation happens. 

I suffered for close to 30 years of my life with endometriosis that no doctor nor surgeon could help me with in terms of the pain. The top surgeon in the country said I would have to bear the pain because my uterus and surrounding organs had fused with each other and that surgery would not be possible. This was the result of years of suppression. When I really had to I would sometimes have 8 Myprodols and another 4 to 6 Cataflams in a day to make the pain just about bearable so I didn’t have another black out in the shower or be crippled by the pain. But for most of those days I felt the pain. I would walk with a limb because the ovarian cysts would flare up during this time and they were like hot knives stabbing at my side every now and again. So physical pain was not new to me when Amar’s way of lovies was to bite first or Taara that gets over zealous and rips her claw through my skin. I remember being grateful for my high tolerance of physical pain and finally understanding why I had to go through all of that. So I started becoming more grateful and Maha Khala with the babies helped. I have been pain free for about 4 years now. Physical pain free, mental and emotional still needs work ;-P 

Anyways, I divert again : Back to healing crisis. TPT will empower you with a foundation of understanding. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel and watch the videos, listen to the podcast episodes and become more observant in your life to understand what’s going on and why. 

Bottom line : Honour your healing process if you are sincere about your growth! 

  1. Journal your thoughts
  2. Take a Salt Bath
  3. Be in Nature
  4. Keep your Silence 
  5. Sleep it through
  6. Watch the series Friends (Seriously take my advice on this) 
  7. Paint
  8. Create
  9. Breathe
  10. Meditate
  11. Do Seva
  12. Self Observe, Self Reflect, Self Understand 

Some extras : Recommendations & Guidance

– Always wear loose clothing when going for healing and preferably white as the energy gets transferred much easier.

– Drinks lots of water after any healing session. This helps remove the toxins quicker through urination and minimizes the healing crisis.

– Eat a light vegetarian diet for 3 to 7 days after to allow the healing process to penetrate deeper.

– Practice Breathwork, Pranayama and Kriya twice a day for deeper cleansing.

– Constantly give gratitude to Divine and your Spirit Guides for the healing that is taking place. 

– Sometimes we have to silence the noise of the archetypes and just trust that Divine has got this. 

– Honour God during your process.

– Watch what you eat and how the body responds

– Watch your thoughts and what polarity they get pulled into

– Watch your feelings and which archetype still holds onto past traumas

– Learn how to live in the present moment

– Observe your archetypes 

– Discover what karmic debt and lessons you have to learn

– Keep good company

– Read higher wisdom

– Meditate daily

At almost 50 I don’t take any pharmaceuticals etc. I listen to my body, watch my thoughts and express my emotions. I don’t suppress anything. It doesn’t make me popular but hey I’m gonna die alone anyways so why waste efforts trying to please others.

Ps: mindfulness is not meditation 

Belly Laughter, Tiger Hugs and Divine Blessings Always!

Keep Smiling!

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