Is the search for truth the same as the search for death?

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Is the search for “the truth” not simply man attempting to account for the greatest unknown ie. Death?


No. Most people do not search for the truth. The opposite of fear is not truth, it is hope. People that fear death generally seek hope, and they find it in religion. As an example, the Christian religion instills a fear of death by promoting the idea of hell. But then they offer hope in the form of forgiveness in Christ. Fear and hope are the opposite sides of the coin of many religions.

The real question is: What is true for you? Are you seeking truth because you fear death? If you are seeking the truth then it must be something other than fear. Like courage. It takes courage to face your fears. You will have to look inside to discover why you are seeking the truth. There is something more causing your search than just fear. 

And when you finally find the truth, you stop searching!

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