I’m not sure about you but this week was pretty hectic. Firstly my indigenous skin reacts to the heavy rays of the sun so much so that the body’s blood pressure drops and leaves me fatigued and drained…and there’s no rest for the wicked because we have babies to feed, cleaning to do and newsletters to send out so needless to say my prana was also really drained this week. 

And yes there were much fights with Divine about it!

So as I’m prepping for Sundays session and asking for guidance on what mantra to use this week, one word kept popping up….JOY! Joy! Not for the objects of the world or the actions of life but truly that Joy that one experiences in the Ocean of Divine Consciousness. So needless to say my Intellect directly links this desire to the Heart Chakra Meditation that has always had profound effects every time we used this. 

So, come Sunday morning and we’re ready for meditation, our sincere regulars are seated, like good little sanyasins (samayans) and I get seated and ask Divine to guide the session etc etc. And so out of my mouth came a pranayama process that I have never done before and like a robot I select a Mantra Meditation that I have wanted to share for a long time. Not the one that my Intellect had planned to use.

And oh my Gosh! 

At first my archetypes were having their banter about the session and how many people confirmed and didn’t pitch up and my awareness elevated to watch this conversation happening until I grabbed the baseball bat and started smacking the daylights out of these thoughts. Pushing the Pranayama even further with the sacred Bandhas and then applying Maha Khala…..Boom! No Thoughts! The power of the Scared Mantra playing reverberated through the room and through my levels of being. I could feel every sound wash through the layers like the wave of the ocean flowing back and forth on the shore.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This experience lasted throughout the guided process and we sat for probably 10/15 minutes after the guided mantra, just in complete silence and oneness. Every participant was completely joined in this oneness that was just created. I could feel them, their individual powers and the hidden Joy behind the desires of their own archetypes. Words started arising….almost like blessings for each one of them and within myself Joy started arising from my core. My inner child was jumping and dancing, I could feel that and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at the group, when we came out of the session, hoping they experienced the same magnificence of Divine’s Grace!

Yip! I surprise myself most of the time! Nope I’m not a Guru, nor a Master (far from it), just a sincere seeker on her way home by creating this auspicious space, to allow God to Grace us with it’s Presence. And this evolving me, being open now to share this space with you, on this journey of my soul, has been the greatest gift to my self!

This material year is about Joy! Find Joy in everything you do! Yes, even washing the dishes or taking out the garbage! Joy transcends the limitations of the archetypes and allows you to be present, here, right now!

So to those participants at the session, Thank you and Much Blessings and Gratitude! See you next week 😉


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