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Karen Kruger

Author. Adept. Ambassador.

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The Purpose of Life is to Surrender to the Present Moment.

Karen Kruger, a spiritual science student for over 20 years now, and started her Wellness center coaching Kids and Tweens. Karen’s passion for working with children pushed her to start Zazen in 2004 focusing on outreach programs. She worked with New Jeruselum Childrens Home and started the Montessori and yoga programs with the kids as well as the Winter Warmth Projects. Other schools were the Sithabili Children’s home and Yenzani Childrens Homes where she actively did Yoga and meditation programs with the kids and various drives including the Repainting and Christmas projects.

Karen has not only worked with outreach schools but introduced yoga to the Glen Austin school and started Lets Play Yoga workshops as well as Life Skills for Kids and Creative Art Workshops for kids which gave birth to Zazen.  Zazen evolved into Samaya Tantra in keeping with her own personal growth and development and expanded to work with empowering women and now on the last leg of her journey Karen comes back full circle with The Perennial Truth Foundation offering a more direct way of holistic wellbeing to those in need of her service.

Karen’s studies over the years included various Holistic Healing courses for both kids and adults. Her love for kids shows in the Samaya Kids programs as well as the one in its kind Holistic Pre-Primary and Aftercare school. In addition, Karen’s need to help people find happiness has motivated and driven her to put together various talks, workshops and courses to empower people. Her experiences as a business woman also shows in the focus on the courses and workshops for women in empowering them with the tools and techniques to maintain their Feminity in a very Masculine world. 

As Divinely guided, Karen is the founding member of Nemesis Distributors which allows her the time to dedicate herself to helping others  and serving Divine as she is guided. Karen has put together various facilitator and practitioner programs over the years to also empower more women to start their own businesses in Holistic Healing. 100% of the donations and proceeds received for her services are donated towards the Tiger Sanctuary for the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara. In addition every year on her birthday, Karen plants around 20-30 trees. Over the past 15 years she has planted around 200+ trees at their sanctuary, as a gift of gratitude to nature.  

Karen is a qualified Outcomes Based Facilitator and Life Skills Facilitator for Kids, Tweens and Teens. She has studied the Montessori way and Early Childhood development and learning. Her passion for working with and helping the development of young empaths has motivated her more towards Self Rehabilitation and Mental Health programs for young adults. “We need to pave the way for our kids for the future we all want to live in and its starts wit being the right kind of role model for them”. 

Over the past 5 years, the center has evolved into a Tiger and Meditation Sanctuary where Karen now offers rehabilitation and healing sessions at the sanctuary. Learn More about Amar and Taara who have propelled Karen’s spiritual journey.

“Being a Mother is the greatest gift towards Self Realization for Women. I would have never experienced this if it was not for Amar and Taara. It’s the only way a woman can connect to the Divine Feminine, the Holy Spirit and to the Cosmic Creator. It’s the Path of Sacrifice but the reward is Indescribable! My mission is to show you what’s stopping you from communion with the Cosmic Creator and the obstacles that hinder the awakening of your full potential so that we may transcend the wheels of time. “


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Karen for accommodating my family and taking us through an absolutely amazing journey with the healing. It was something that I really wanted to do, for the healing to begin with regard to things we speak about and things we do not speak about. Karen was so accurate on the things she shared with us, the manner in which the session was facilitated, the guidance and inspiration received that morning has stayed with us! I love that Karen made everyone feel comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for starting this healing journey for us, to introducing us to a beautiful way of being. 

I have trusted Karen with my daughters and my family. Thank you so much!

Thanks again Karen, I really don’t have enough words to say how much that session has meant to me, to all of us 🙂

Vashi Suredin

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