Yama means death. Yama is the god of death, to Buddhists, to Hindus, to many religions. And so the key is to conquer death. One of the big spiritual questions that we all face in our religions is, can man that includes women, can man become God? Joshua, the main character of the book, was loosely based on the name Yeshua, which, as we know is the birth name, the given name of Jesus? And this understanding of whether he was resurrected, and/or if he really was enlightened.

What you find in life is there’s many theories about god there’s there’s materialism, there’s creationism, there’s all these theories, different groups and different churches and different people support these these different theologies. And it all comes back to a simple thing called awareness. Your awareness determines what you think is real, and determines the boundaries of what you think is real. So your awareness determines the context of your perception of reality. Is it possible for us as humans today to experience something more than just physical embodiment? Yes. Is it possible for us to grasp and to and to experience that we are more than the body? Yes. And that’s what these keys do. These keys, start showing you how it is possible, to experience more than just physical embodiment.

And when you do experience more than just physical embodiment, when you start experiencing mental embodiment, when you start experiencing emotional embodiment, then you start realising that you’re more than just the body. Try the techniques in the book. They are amazing techniques that you can practice everywhere, well almost. Tantra is very different to traditional approaches to spiritual practice. Tantra does not require you to be in a room with the phone switched off. Tantra does not require you to segment part of your day, to be spiritual. Tantra is extremely integrated with life and daily activity and the very things you engage with in your daily life. Tantra brings this integration. 

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