Maha Khala for the Classroom

Explore our Mind-less-ness Teachers Training Course for more activities and practical training techniques that can be applied in the classroom. Maha Khala diminishes the academic stress and anxiety levels of a student by re-establishing their self worth and self confidence. This allows a more opened and available mind for learning and applying the knowledge.

Being Mind-Less is very misunderstood. We are conditioned to ‘think’ but if we can allow ourselves to rest in the present moment, we expand our awareness and are able to take in everything in that moment. Youth especially can vacillate like the speed of light between their physical, mental and emotional levels of being and the main problem arises when a youngster is sitting in class and his body is present but his mind is somewhere else. Society very quickly labels that, whether its ADD, ADHD or a new term that lays blame on the child rather than the cause of the action.

I started my coaching practice working with children! So many helpless parents would come through and say that the ‘school’ has stated that their child is a ‘problem’ and that he/she needs occupational therapy or extra mural help etc etc. It went as far as putting children on heavy doses of Ritalin and the like. Even back then, 20 some odd year ago, I was annoyed at the system and also at some parents for not standing up to this system. but I understood their challenges…being caught by a rock and a hard place as the term goes….

And working with these kids, it was very clear, that they were actually far beyond their years and were actually either getting bored in their class buts came across as they didn’t or that they were indeed struggling because they were more empaths that needed a little extra emotional care rather than mental discipline. I wish I knew Maha Khala back then! Breathwork techniques helped, mindful processes helped but this needed the time and effort of the parents and with hectic schedules I doubted whether that could be sustainable.

Needless to say at one stage I was actually considering opening up a crystal school for kids with a very different curriculum planogram and structure of teaching.

So to every parent or educator reading this, you can teach your children Stage One especially. Empower them with this technique and knowledge and allow them to help themselves.

But the one thing you need to realise with kids and the youth, they are highly observant! They choose their mentors very carefully and they can not be fooled easily. So if you are not practicing yourself and if you don’t ‘show’ them that Maha Khala is working for you in managing your emotional outbursts or state of being, they will very quickly fall back into their cycles of mental and emotional anguish.

It’s not the technique that fails, it’s the individuals lack of discipline in their practice. Many people want quick fixes especially educators and the poor child is thrown back and forth from educator to parent for help that should be part of their value system rather than an extra mural.

So, Stages One to Three can be applied in the classroom to teach children the foundation of Maha Khala. You can include the breathwork and pranayama techniques that are shared in the teachers training discourse modules. Start the lesson with a guided Maha Khala Meditation that you can choose from the selected available in the Maha Khala pod. Allow them to practice with you. Play the relevant lesson with them! Make it a class activity!

Please note we don’t qualify individuals as Maha Khala practitioners, as Maha Khala is a Free Meditation program offered by TPTFoundation. We do allow the use of our course videos to be used in the classroom. Read more on our Terms of Use for more. Again you are welcome to explore our teachers training discourses which offer you more practicals that can also be applied in the classroom or contact us directly for online seminars or workshops.

Engage with us on the forum platform for more guidance on applying Maha Khala in your classroom.

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