Maha Khala for the Home

Stages One to Three are focused on mind-less-ness. You are able to use these modules to include the rest of the family members a little as 6 years old.

To integrate Maha Khala into the home start with using any one of the following practices and make it fun else your kids may think that its another form of discipline.

These are just a few examples, when you are present more practices may emerge to apply in your home environment as you take the Maha Khala quest yourself :

Cleanliness of the Mind:
1. Brushing our teeth with the less dominant hand. This moves us from a space of habit into awareness
2. Eating in silence (and with the hands instead of utensils). This enables a connection with the taste, touch and smell which allows the expanded state of awareness.
3. Washing the dishes. This can be a rotating chore or family chore in silence that connects the awareness to the activity.
4. No Digital weekend. This is a Just Be weekend, where the family does nothing (not even reading) but just relaxing in the garden or nature. You can start with a picnic outing in nature or a hike but the doing should be minimised. This practice is about just sitting and connecting with yourself and nature. If its too much for the weekend then start with a few hours.
5. Family Maha Khala time : gather the family outside in the garden or a space where you wonts be disturbed and play one of the guided meditations. Do this as a daily practice that becomes a family routine.

You can turn any activity into a Maha Khala experience.

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