My Ego

Journal entry 11 August 2023

I find myself jumping into the depths of my ego, how it really affects every aspect of my life my thoughts, actions, and relationships. It’s a topic that I feel is key to understanding myself better

As I sit here reflecting, it’s amazing how much power my ego holds over me. It’s like this shadow that follows me around, sometimes giving me a boost of confidence, assisting with my personal growth. It pushes me forward and fuels my ambitions, igniting a fire within me to prove my worth and succeed. That’s definitely a good thing, right?

But, and here’s the sneaky side, my ego also blinds me to my own imperfections. It prevents me from truly seeing myself and others. I get caught up in a cycle of comparison and my judge archetype keeps judging. When I see others achieving amazing things, I can’t help but feel inadequate and even jealous. It’s toxic and it blocks my ability to form meaningful connections with others.

I’m trying to find peace in acknowledging these flaws within myself. I’m not defined by my ego, and my worth isn’t measured by external validation. I want to focus on the depths of my character, on the kindness and compassion I can extend to myself and others. If I can get through the maze of my ego, then I can emerge into a realm of vulnerability and authenticity. That’s where true growth and transformation lie.

I draw strength from being humble and humility, knowing that I’m not perfect and that’s okay. I want to embrace my imperfections and use them as a tool to relate with others. Instead of tearing them down to elevate myself, I want to celebrate their achievements and support them, their success doesn’t diminish my own. We can all rise together.

And here I am, pouring my thoughts into my journal embracing vulnerability and inviting my soul to be seen and understood.

It’s a gentle process, one that requires self awareness and detachment. I don’t expect it to be smooth sailing airy fairy all the way, but I’m dedicated to taking this journey of self discovery. I’m ready for the setbacks that come with it, knowing that each step forward brings me closer to awakening.

The trust in this process encourages me to explore flow of my thoughts and emotions. I push myself to a more authentic existence, one of compassion, kindness, and genuine connections.

And it even goes deeper within the ego is the 12 archetypes and I’ll go in depths of each archetype and my understanding of it in my next journal entry.

I believe that as I grow and transform, I’ll be able to inspire those around me one day to embark on their own journey of understanding their ego. Together, we can celebrate vulnerability and authenticity as we understand the raw beauty within ourselves and each other.

Love & Light


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