My TPT Parable

4 June 2023

This is my first attempt at a Parable to send gratitude to Oom Tjaart and the amazing Karen.

There was once a bird that had been living in the same tree for its entire life. However, it began to feel restless. One day, two magnificent tigers came along and invited the bird to join them on an adventure.

The tigers led the bird through the jungle and into a secret clearing, where the bird discovered a stunning garden filled with exotic flowers and fruits. The tigers also introduced the bird to the teachings of Maha Khala and the Perennial Truth book.

The bird was fascinated by all the new things it experienced in the garden. It learned a lot about self-love and understanding, and appreciated every moment. As the bird explored its new environment, its suffering and ego began to fade away.

The Perennial Truth Foundation also taught the bird a great deal. Their focus on self-awareness and awakening the soul enabled the bird to better understand its Ego through self-observation. The bird also freed its mind through their exclusive Maha Khala Meditation program, healed its unconsciousness through practices such as pranayama and vibrational healing, and got closer and closer to awakening its soul through experiencing The Perennial Truth.

The bird continued to explore and flourish in the garden, and felt grateful to the majestic tigers for showing it the way.

With love and appreciation,

Johan Herbs

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