Oom Tjaart!

Hi Uncle Tjaart!

Man, I don’t even know where to begin with this letter. It’s like my heart is overflowing with gratitude, but putting it into words is proving to be a real challenge.

I remember the first day I sat in the meditation hall, I was a total mess, lost and confused, wandering through life like a headless chicken. And then you came into the Hall, with your calming presence, and suddenly everything changed for me especially during that first guided meditation, I can’t thank you enough for that Uncle Tjaart.

You Not just gave knowledge, but how to actually live it and embrace it so I can understand it, Your Teachings showed me that I had so much untapped potential within me, and you gave me the tools to bring it out one by one. It was like you opened up this secret door in my soul and let me slowly discover a whole new world.

Uncle Tjaart your teachings were nothing short of life changing. They became this guiding light in the darkest corners of my existence. Your words, wrapped up in those mind bending parables and all, were like keys that unlocked the crazy maze inside my head and I’m still busy unlocking. I went deep peeling away all those self limiting layers and I’m still finding the truth that is hiding within me.

Oom Tjaart, your wisdom and the way you live your life have transformed me and still transforming me I can’t even put into words how much my perspective has shifted. I see life in a whole new way now. The colors seem brighter, nature’s whispers hit harder, and I feel this connection to all living beings

So, in the spirit of appreciation, I write this letter as a never ending reminder of the wonderful impact you’ve had on my life. And I honor your teachings and my way to say thank you is to Practice and live in your teachings sharing it with whoever will listen. You are my Role model and I aspire to be able to be just like you, Uncle Tjaart. Thank you for being the light that saved me from drowning in despair. Your Teachings gives me a sense of purpose, and shows me how to find joy in the little miracles of life.

I wish your Soul keeps soaring high, my Guru. You have so much wisdom to share, and countless lives will be touched by it. Keep doing your thing, and know that I’ll forever be grateful for everything you’ve done for me knowingly and unknowingly.

With all the love and appreciation in the Universe, Thank you!

Johan Herbst

Happy birthday ❤️❤️

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