The Perennial Truth Foundation is focused on being the Defender of God and creating a community of individuals who stand for Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. As such we enable the growth of humanity towards Compassion, Gratitude and Oneness.

This can only be achieved through Self Awareness! Transformation is an individual choice. We just offer the tools, techniques and understanding towards an awakening of awareness.

Maha Khala is a simple, yet unique program that teaches one how to come into the present moment at will. Mental stress and emotional anguish stem from the vacillation of the mind to the traumas of the past or hope for a different future. We are rarely in the present moment. Maha Khala teaches you a new way of being, The Art of Being Present! In the present moment our awareness expands to include all that is fostering total acceptance. The results of Maha Khala if practiced correctly allows for a centered heart, thoughtless mind and vital body that allows one to move through life integrated with Divine Consciousness rather than separated from it. The Foundation offers this Six Stage Training program free. You can access this on our YouTube Channel. 

In addition for onsite group programs, the foundation offers a unique customised program which includes breathwork and pranayama for added benefits of overall wellbeing. This retreat is free for schools, universities, rehabilitation clinics, mental health and trauma care centers. 

Browse through our projects and contact us on how we can help.

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