Self Awareness Retreat with Amar & Taara


Divine works through Nature.


Within the first two weeks of parenting Amar, Karen knew he was an advanced soul embodied for the purpose of TPT. Amar revealed visions to Karen which only a Spirit Guide could know. Since seeing and experiencing his magnificence, Karen has dedicated her world duties to honouring Divine for the blessings. Amar also has been the Ambassador of Maha Khala, blessing Tjaart with deeper insights on the techniques and it’s advanced processes and benefits for mental wellness as well as spiritual connection with consciousness directly. 

The Force of the Tiger is an ancient philosophy of Self Power in overcoming the chains of one’s senses and stepping beyond the worldly attachments of the archetypes. Hence Shiva can been seen wearing a Tigers skin, representing mastery over the senses and total dissolve in the present moment. 

From our experience of over 5 years now, the Force of the Tiger represents Self Confidence, Divine Trust and a Playful Grace that is wrapped in Joyful Bliss. When you book for a retreat, you will be able to engage with Amar (and Taara) in activities that reveal your own inner strength and courage and heal your inner child in the process.

‘Mythology : Reason for Shiva wearing a Tiger Skin

By Abhilash Rajendran shared by the Hindu Blog

Lord Shiva is usually depicted as sitting or meditating on a tiger skin. Lord Shiva is usually portrayed as wearing a tiger skin as garment. Tiger symbolically represents power. Shiva sitting on tiger skin and wearing it symbolically means that He is beyond all power and dominates over all the powers. There is an interesting story in the Shiva Purana which narrates about how Lord Shiva got the tiger skin. Once Lord Shiva was roaming around the world like an Avadhuta. He was completely naked and was so merged in this meditation that he was unaware of any other existence. During His roaming, once He reached a forest inhabited by a group of saints. The saints lived along with their family and the arrival of a naked mendicant created flutter in their small and confined society. The women in the community were attracted by Shiva and there was disturbance in the daily routines of the Ashram. The saints became furious after they realized that it is the new mendicant that is responsible for the wayward behavior of the females in their society. The saints decided to teach the young mendicant a lesson and dug a pit on his usual way. When Lord Shiva passed over the pit, the saints created a tiger using their powers. Lord Shiva easily overpowered the tiger and removed its skin and made a cloth out of it. The saints realized that the mendicant was no ordinary Avadhuta and prayed for forgiveness. Lord Shiva appeared before them and blessed them. From that day onwards Shiva started wearing the tiger skin.”

The Perennial Truth : The Story of Adam and Eve by TLB explains the fall of the Soul into the realm of Maya. Take a listen again to the discourse and this time reflect on how you have fallen from grace into the mundane world of the ego. Shiva represents the Dreamer and each Jiva, Soul represents that mini parts of the Dreamer that is caught in the deep sleep of the illusion we call life. To wake up, meditation is the only way and to be in this state of meditation, the present moment is the only door.

Why join a retreat : Being in the space of Amar, the Gentle Giant, allows you to spend time in nature, with your levels of being and your ego. This gives you the opportunity to allow your unconscious to reveal what is holding you back from letting go of your attachments and trusting that Divine is and always has been guiding you. This idea that ‘we are the doer’, that we can manifest things, that we have control of our life, is a control mechanism by snake oil salesman that only keeps you longer on the wheel of samsara. It’s time to Wake Up and start realising God does Exist!

Benefits of the retreat : Learning how to become comfortable in the void. This retreat can be done individually or in a private group. You will be given an itinerary of processes for the day to follow and will be free to just be in the space of Amar (and Taara :-). An other worldly initiation with Amar will close your retreat experience together with a Daily Home practice to maintain that bond and connection.

Is it Safe: Yes. Amar and Taara will remain in their enclosure to ensure your safety but you will be able to engage with them and connect with them at arms length. Terms and Conditions apply which will be discussed further at orientation.

What you will learn : How to apply Dynamic Meditation (Meditation in Action) anywhere, at any given time.


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" I was introduced to the School of Samaya by a family member. My journey has been a long one filled with mixes of ups and downs. Karen has always played a supporting role with her willingness to guide and help me and others experience our spiritual journey. Over the past few months of attending the inner child sunday sessions I have become more aware of myself and have learnt to bring myself to the present moment. A huge thank you to Karen for her patience, faith and constant guidance throughout my journey "

Money Back Guarantee!

Every Booking, product or Service is facilitated personally by Tjaart and/or Karen. 
They donate 100% of the proceeds, of every purchase or service towards their Outreach projects. 

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