Understanding Fosters Acceptance

The Perennial Truth can create a context of understanding, healing and liberation from the stress and anxiety that comes from these voices in our head. Master your personas and you master your life. 


The Perennial Truth Foundation offers a bespoke, spiritually focussed, personality analysis for the further awakening, or expansion, of our conscious awareness as well as our understanding of existence and our place in it.   

In the Perennial Truth, published in 2018, I give a brief overview of the personas of the ego. In short, our personality has 12 distinct personas, each characterized by a distinct archetype. You could say that our personality is nothing other than the collective of our personas. One of Freud’s central insights into the self was that each of us has a group of autonomous spiritual agents acting on our behalf. These spiritual agents, or personas, each have their own conditioning, habits and preferences stored within our unconscious mind, and we appear to have little or no direct control over them from the perspective of the ego. This is especially the case if we take them as our self.

Each of our 12 primary personas are on an individual arc of maturity which evolves as we progress through life’s lessons. As such, your dependant becomes a provider, your learner a teacher, and so on. These personas are the source of the thoughts and feelings we experience within and they are at the root of our inner voices and inner dialogue.

Our normal condition is one of intimate identification with our personas. We take the experiences, thoughts and feelings of these personas as our own, and as a result, their inner speaking and conversations are also experienced as our own.  It is like when you stroke your own arm, your brain knows you are touching yourself. You could call it a neurological closed-loop system. Normally, when our personas speak within, a message passes from the neurological part of the brain responsible for speech, to the hearing part of the brain responsible for listening, allowing the listening part to recognise the voice as its own. But when the hearing part of your brain does not receive the message that you are the source of the voice, you experience the voice of a persona as that of a foreign entity.

I do recognise that instances sometime occur when the voice heard can be ascribed to a spiritual or supernatural source, but such occurrences are rare and can quite easily be differentiated from the voices of the personas.

The Ego-Self Personality Profile is specifically geared to help members of the hearing voices community make sense of inner voices and visions from an origins perspective as well as guide those sincere spiritual seekers beyond the attachments of their personas. These services helps the seeker gain a deeper self-understanding of who they truly are, what these personas represent in their life, and to explore what the meaning of the messages are that are being heard as voices.

To a fellow voice-hearer like myself, hearing voices represents a rare opportunity for a direct glimpse into the unconscious that can enable the conscious awakening of self-awareness and empower the individual.

I look forward to guiding you on your own journey of liberation and understanding. 

Tjaart Kruger, Scribe of The Perennial Truth

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Master your archetypes by understanding how they think, feel and control your actions.

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