The Disillusioned Seeker

 ” I have a passion for the truth. I have a passion for understanding. My passion has always been to delve deeper and deeper into truth, to delve deeper and deeper into understanding and to expand my acceptance of what is. I consider myself an Ambassador of the Cosmic Truth. And with that, I considered myself an Ambassador of God because at one level, God is love. But at another level, God is unfaltering truth and I’ve always had this attraction to the unfaltering truth because I’ve always seen that as the gateway to the unfaltering love. So, to me there can be no higher mission, there can be no higher purpose than discovering the ancient truths and bringing that value, that bounty to our modern understanding.”  

TLB has used the foundation of The Perennial Truth Wisdom to interpret the deeper meaning behind the ancient texts of the Bible. Through a series of video and audio discourses he makes us understand the spiritual science behind the stories in the Bible.

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