Our Mission

The TPT Foundation has a mission of creating a responsible and generous community living in harmony with all sentient beings.
All lives matter!

Do you share our values?


Understanding fosters Acceptance.


Acceptance enables Awareness.


Awareness facilitates Oneness.

Have you had a calling to Inspire, Serve and Lead?

Does The Perennial Truth resonate with you? Has Maha Khala made a difference in your life by moving with awareness in the present moment? Has what you attract started changing through the practices of Self Observation of your Archetypes and Energy Management? If you have been on this journey with us and have personally experienced transformation, then explore our Corporate Practitioner Training courses and let’s connect. If you are a professional and would like to expand your services, get in touch with us.

Since 2004

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Tjaart and Karen have shared their personal journey and insights with thousands of liked minded, inspiring and propelling sincere seekers towards the awakening of their True Self and living their highest potential. 

Transform your life through understanding.

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Throughout the years Karen has offered accredited training courses empowering women to live their highest purpose as the caregiver, teacher and lover of this Divine creation called life. 

Prepare Humanity for the Golden Age.

Knowing the Truth is not enough!

Only when you can apply it does it become part of your understanding. Explore our publications, courses and services and join us on this journey towards a fulfilled and meaningful life. Happiness is a by-product of meaning. The Perennial Truth fosters understanding and creates clarity of the meaning and purpose of your life and this fosters a state of bliss and happiness that is not conditional to your external circumstances.

"Thank you for the awesome experience I got so much from this course. I have loved using that information to assist our teens. Thank you Karen. Blessings."


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