Self Awareness can break the chains of pain and suffering

Your Body Speaks Your Mind, Your Mind Determines Your State Of Being And Your Heart Manifests What You Attract In Your Life. Discover The Potential Of Your Self Awareness!

Our Values


Understanding fosters Acceptance.


Acceptance fosters Awareness.


Awareness fosters Oneness.

About Samaya Tantra

When one immerses oneself towards their higher purpose and aligns to Divine’s guidance, blessings flow into the physical world and this ripple effect allows one to be free from pain and suffering of the mind and to attract abundance directly from Grace.

According to Samaya Tantra, your entire life experience takes place within your own consciousness. Much like a dream, with your ego at the centre of the dream, everything in life is experienced within, and nothing you experience is outside of your own consciousness. Your world perception is simply a controlled hallucination of your mind, based on the electrical impulses the brain receives from the senses.

In order to experience something that is truly from beyond the limits of your senses and your mind, your consciousness first has to become completely unattached to what it is perceiving. It has to become hollow and empty. Only then can something from the collective consciousness enter your consciousness directly, rather than by proxy, through the senses. The cup of your consciousness therefore has to be truly empty of attachment to your world perception for something divine to enter.

Samaya Tantra has “oneness” at the root of its teachings. It reveals how to awaken consciousness at the physical, mental, emotional and ultimately the purely spiritual level. This is known as the “breaking of the seals” to achieve liberation from the trance called life.

Holistically, the school’s aim is to help mankind evolve and awaken to a new level of consciousness, enabling the mental evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Perennis – a kind of human that is integrated with the natural world, rather than existing apart from it.

About Tjaart and Karen

Tjaart and Karen Kruger have been teaching meditation for over 2 decades. In 2017, they published The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul which offers a contextual understanding of who we are as a kind, why we are here experiencing life and how to realise our true self and true potential. Tjaart and Karen are the Ambassadors of The Perennial Truth that holds the Divine Geometry of Existence. What makes them unique is their own personal journey and their connection to The Great Unity and Great Void of Consciousness.

Karen, a Spirit Coach and Reiki Master for over 19 years, supports the individuals quest through intuitive guidance and understanding on overcoming their karmic debts and karmic lessons towards awakening their own Self Awareness. Her passion to empower women and young adults reflects in her programs and outreach projects.

Karen and Tjaart have dedicated their higher life’s purpose towards serving the awakening of humanity and through their own practices of Samaya Tantra, their vision is to share and inspire you towards living your highest potential. 

“The journey may not always be an easy one, but it is certainly authentic!” Karen Kruger

Book a Healing or Meditation Session with Karen or Masterclass with Tjaart and experience for yourself, an otherworldly connection, to help you understand your life and master your happiness. 

Since 2004

We have been evolving to this moment!

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Tjaart and Karen have shared their personal journey and insights with thousands of liked minded, inspiring and propelling sincere seekers towards the awakening of their True Self. 

Transform your life through understanding.

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Throughout the years Karen has offered accredited training courses empowering women to live their highest purpose as the caregiver, teacher and lover of this Divine creation called life. 

Prepare Humanity for the Golden Age.

Our Services

Samaya Tantra’s Tiger and Meditation Sanctuary is nestled in the valley of Carlswald AH, Midrand. With a large array of trees and wild bird life, it offers a tranquil yet high pranic space for healing and meditation, and an otherworldy experience if you have booked a session with Amar and Taara. If you feel the connection, follow your heart and make a booking. Learn More…


Release Stored Toxins and Open Up your Aura!

The traumas we experience in our life is stored as toxins in the cells of our body. This can manifest as various illnesses in the physical body or show up as mental illness as well as affect your emotional state of being. 


The Constance of Life is the Exchange of Energy!

We are all just gross matter and energy. Master the energy transactions of your physical body, mental mind and emotional being and discover the unlimited well of joy that awaits you.


Pranayama brings us into the present moment.

Learn the ancient Himalayan Pranayama technique that was shown to Karen and Tjaart on their Sabbatical, to the foothills of the Himalayas, by the ascended master, Babaji. Permission has been granted to shared this technique with sincere seekers.


Break the chains of self sabotage and the unconscious control of your archetypes.

Your personalised archetype assessment profiles includes your karmic lessons and karmic debts that affects what you attract in your life. Discover which archetypes are holding you back from your True Self Awareness or book for a Regression Session and experience what is affecting your state of being.


Knowledge can only be transformed as truth through Self Realisation!

Book a Self Awareness Group workshop for healing, understanding and awakening join a retreat and transform the levels of your being. What better way, than to experience joy with loved ones.


Bespoke Bookings

Please enquire about the available dates before booking. Sessions are confirmed on payment confirmation. 
Book a Session for yourself and get 50% off on a session for your Tween, Teen or Young Adult.
For customised group workshops, please contact us for pricing and terms of booking.

Whatsapp : 0723596119

Vibrational Healing

60min | R850

Energy Management

3 Sessions | 120min ps | R3600 

Regression Therapy

60min | R850

Himalayan Kriya

60min | R850

Karmic Cleansing

60min | R850

Auric Clearing

60min | R850 

Third Eye Activation

60min | R850

Archetype Profile

120min | R2500

Tarot Card Guidance

60min | R850 


To Share your Truth can be the greatest blessing

Are you ready to Serve? Join the growing Volunteer Practitioners at The Perennial Truth Foundation and be part of the change that is needed in your community.

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