Physical Vitality, Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Spiritual Awakening through Self Understanding

MASTERCLASS for teen empaths


We are born into a society, culture or community that conditions us to their ways of thinking, feeling and responding to the actions of life. Never are we taught to stop thinking and connect to our higher intuitive abilities, that is one of our God given talents. Instead we are conditioned to suppress these abilities and conform to what society governs from us. This is needed in a mundane world, but for those on the path of awakening, a different understanding is required to step beyond conditioning into a space of total oneness of being. Ignorance for those on the path of life is indeed bliss! Ignorance for those on the path of awakening is quicksand that takes you back on your karmic journey through the wheels of time.

So what if you could step off this cycle of pain and suffering and become master of this journey. What if you could step beyond the mundane chores of life and truly embody your greatness. Wouldn’t that be something! This journey starts with understanding your Prana or Life Force energy which is fundamentally our individual energy management strategies. The energy of the physical body uses food, the energy of the mental mind uses knowledge and the energy of the emotional causal body needs love. And herein lies the core principles of this Masterclass. By understanding and working with these three levels of our being : the physical, the mental and the emotional we can start observing its energy management strategies and be more proactive to maintaining our physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

School of Samaya offers you a window into your True Self with tools that empower you to live your higher purpose. This in-depth Masterclass is based on the timeless wisdom of The Perennial Truth and the ancient teachings of Samaya Tantra


Most schools or academies specialise in one aspect of growth be it yoga, meditation, breathwork or self inquiry. The same is true for rehabilitation centers. How many times have you gone into a rehab center for help? How many spiritual courses or programs have you done that has still left you with unanswered questions? How many doctors or psychologists or even psychiatrists have loaded you with medication to help you with your mental and emotional issues? If they have helped you, why are you still searching? What are you still looking for?

With a combined 50+ years experience and 20+ years of helping people, School of Samaya’s key facilitator Karen Kruger takes you on a comprehensive 40 week Self Rehabilitation Masterclass that guarantees transformation through it’s step by step journey of Self Discovery, Self Acceptance and Self Awakening. In ancient Tantra, all three levels of being have to be in perfect balance and harmony for the awakening of the Self. Karen offers you personal insights and understanding together with practical processes to enable you with the tools to come into an expanded state of awareness that allows you to connect to the truth of that moment and live from your higher self.

School of Samaya’s SELF REHABILITATION  Masterclass is an in-depth 7 Module journey that is aimed at empowering you towards overall physical vitality, mental health, emotional wellbeing and ultimately empowering you with the tools towards spiritual awakening. Each individual person is on their own unique adventure towards the ultimate goal of awakening and School of Samaya’s unique structure of this Self Rehabilitation Masterclass caters to the need of every individual self, offering you the ability to master your ego and ultimately master life. The challenges life throws your way is for your growth. Understanding this principle can set you free from the pain and misery it alludes your way. There is only one rule on this masterclass : You have to be prepared to do the work for inner transformation to happen. We provide the understanding and the tools but the labour of love must be done by your self! No-one can save you, but your own self!


SELF UNDERSTANDING is where healing beings…

There are 12 themes per year. Each month has a unique theme of healing that takes you on a journey of self awareness and self understanding for deep healing of the unconscious.

Most often it is because of the imbalance in our lives that we self sabotage our happiness. We search for meaning and purpose in the wrong places and are too blinded to sometimes see what’s right in front of us. When we can clearly understand where this imbalance is coming from and how to affect change then we empower ourselves to become master of our destiny by allowing the law of attraction to work though us and manifest what we truly desire.

Self Love
We’re all just searching for love! But we somehow have been taught to search in the wrong place…on the outside! When in fact, we have an unlimited well of love that resides deep within us and all we have to do is break the walls of fear to allow this river of love to flow through us. 

Your Body Speaks Your Mind
Every trauma that you have experienced in your life filters from your causal being and resides in your unconscious mind by locking these toxins in the cells of your body. Each mitochondria holds the forces of trauma and any experience be it positive of negative that you have journey’s through in your life. You’re body holds the secrets of your hidden traumas and by unlocking these aspects of the body we are able to connect to those deep seated wounds and help our levels of being through a process of healing. 

The voices in my head
We’re all Schizophrenic! It’s juts the degree of separation of our persons that keeps us sane or insane? Understanding these voices in our head, these archetypes that govern spurt thoughts, feeling and actions in the world can empower us to become master of this ego and it’s 12 disciples. This self mastery can transcend you from thought addiction, stress and anxiety and pull you from the deep holes of depression thus elevating your prana on all levels of your being. 

Shakti – The Divine Feminine
Shakti is the creative force of matter and energy of this cosmic dream called life. When you learn how to tap into this creative energy, you allow your awareness to expand to accept all that is and in the process your inner creative talents emerge. This expansion naturally increases your prana and allows your heart chakra to open up to access that well of self love. 

Shiva – The Divine Masculine
Shiva is the unmanifested thought of creation and is unlimited in it’s own potential. Whatever it desires it can manifest with the force of Shakti. Shiva offers the understanding and is sometimes referred to as the destructive force because of this. In order to understand your pain and suffering we have to direct our attention to the source, to the core of the issue and sometimes this can be even painful. But through this pain, healing and growth is possible.

True Self
Are you the same person with your work colleagues as you are with your social circle or friends? Are you the same person with your family as you are with your partner? We have become accustomed to change the masks we wear to suit the external environment we find ourselves in and as such we have forgotten who we truly are. But more so we have trained our archetypes to play the role that society dictates and allowed these personas more power in decision making which has affected our own self worth. We don’t trust our own intuition anymore because of this.

Beyond Habit & Conditioning
What’s your daily routine? Do you drive to work the same route every day? Doe’s habit offer you some form of sanity in the chaos of chores? And what of of your beliefs? Do you believe there is a God? How do you know? Have you seen God? Have you experienced God or what this what you were led to believe? Do you believe that to have money you have to work hard? Has this been fruitful? Belief can lead to conditioning unless you have experienced it’s truth for yourself. Habit and Conditioning can diminish our inner powers and take away our joy and wonder of this magnificent dream called life.

Ikigai can describe having a sense of purpose in life, as well as being motivated. According to a study by Michiko Kumano, feeling ikigai as described in Japanese usually means the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that follows when people pursue their passions. Activities that generate the feeling of ikigai are not forced on an individual; they are perceived as being spontaneous and undertaken willingly, and thus are personal and depend on a person’s inner self. Most often than not when we feel out of balance it is because we are fulfilling the wrong aspects of purpose in in wrong areas of our lives. This session gives you clarity through a creative process on where that imbalance is.

Present Moment Reflections
We either attach ourselves with the miseries of the past and allow that to define how we live our lives each day or we tend to live from hope of a future that never comes. This group program is a creative process of allowing you to see what aspects of your life are actually holding you back giving you the tools to make those changes that you need to make or address those aspects of self healing that is crying for your nurturing.

Self Sabotage
In this creative reflection process you will truly understand those aspects of your self that hinders your self love. Through an inner child creative activity we open the doors of healing from your unconscious in allowing you to truly see why you lack self acceptance, self love and self confidence. This session opens the space for extra healing and self realisations of self sabotage towards living your highest potential.

Communion with your Soul
Just like how we feel compelled to help others less fortunate be it in alms, friendship or support, so too should we spend the time helping the un-healed parts of ourselves. If we were made in the image of God, shouldn’t we live by this magnificence? This session is a deep self reflection process of healing and acceptance through special processes that allow you to open up communion with your soul and deepen your connection to your true self.

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