Self Rehabilitation



A Holistic Out-Patient Program for Physical Vitality, Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Spiritual Awakening



Self Awakening is only possible through the arduous journey of inner reflections and understanding.


The SELF refers to an individual person as the object of its own reflective consciousness. This person is able to look back on themselves as both subjects and objects in this cosmic creation without attachment or identification. However, as we move deeper into this digital age of Aquarius, both capitalism and technology impacts our ability to step beyond the objective world. Self Inquiry and Self Observation, is at the core of The Perennial Truth Foundation’s teachings in understanding who we are and re-discovering the nature of our own importance in this cosmic universe, thereby allowing our Individual Self (the Ego) to realise it’s true essence.


REHABILITATION is traditionally defined as “a set of interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment”.  The Perennial Truth Foundation refers to rehabilitation in the sense of spiritual interventions (practices) that is used to guide you towards ‘remembering’ (or awakening) your TRUE Self. That which is beyond the masks you wear and the objects you become attached to in this dream called life. All your life you have been told who to be, what to be and how to be! Now it’s time to un-mask and re-discover your True Self. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or recovering individual, this program lays the foundation for your healing

We are born into a society, culture or community that conditions us to their ways of thinking, feeling and responding to the actions of life. Never are we taught to stop thinking and connect to our higher intuitive abilities, that is one of our God given talents. Instead we are conditioned to suppress these abilities and conform to what society governs from us. This is needed in a mundane world, but for those on the path of awakening, a different understanding is required to step beyond conditioning into a space of total oneness of being. Ignorance for those on the path of life is indeed bliss! Ignorance for those on the path of awakening is quicksand that takes you back on your karmic journey through the wheels of time.

So what if you could step off this cycle of pain and suffering and become master of this journey. What if you could step beyond the mundane chores of life and truly embody your greatness. Wouldn’t that be something! This journey starts with understanding your Prana or Life Force energy which is fundamentally our individual energy management strategies. The energy of the physical body uses food, the energy of the mental mind uses knowledge and the energy of the emotional causal body needs love. And herein lies the core principles of this Masterclass. By understanding and working with these three levels of our being : the physical, the mental and the emotional we can start observing its energy management strategies and be more proactive to maintaining our physical vitality, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The Perennial Truth Foundation offers you a window into your True Self with tools that empower you to live your higher purpose. This in-depth Masterclass is based on the timeless wisdom of The Perennial Truth and the ancient teachings of Samaya Tantra


Most centers, schools or academies specialise in one aspect of growth be it yoga, meditation, breathwork or self inquiry. The same is true for rehabilitation centers. How many times have you gone into a rehab center for help? How many spiritual courses or programs have you done that has still left you with unanswered questions? How many doctors or psychologists or even psychiatrists have loaded you with medication to help you with your physical, mental and emotional issues? If they have helped you, why are you still searching? What are you still looking for? Have you asked yourself this question?

With a combined 50+ years experience and 20+ years of helping people, The Perennial Truth Foundation takes you on a comprehensive Hybrid Self Rehabilitation Masterclass that guarantees transformation through it’s step by step journey of Self Understanding, Self Acceptance and Self Awakening. In ancient Tantra, all three levels of being have to be in perfect balance and harmony for the awakening of the Self. The Foundation offers you personal insights and understanding together with practical processes to enable you with the tools to come into an expanded state of awareness that allows you to connect to the truth of that moment and live from your higher self.

The Perennial Truth Foundation’s SELF REHABILITATION  Masterclass is an in-depth 7 Module journey that is aimed at empowering you towards overall physical vitality, mental health, emotional wellbeing and ultimately empowering you with the tools towards spiritual awakening. Each individual person is on their own unique adventure towards the ultimate goal of awakening and the unique structure of this Self Rehabilitation Masterclass caters to the need of every individual self, offering you the ability to master your ego and ultimately master life. The challenges life throws your way is for your growth. Understanding this principle can set you free from the pain and misery it alludes your way. There is only one rule on this masterclass : You have to be prepared to do the work for inner transformation to happen. We provide the understanding and the tools but the labour of love must be done by your self! No-one can save you, but you! 

Hence Self Rehabilitation because it starts within YOU!

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