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Sitting for 2/3 hours at a time in meditation and still having a restless mind, is not meditation. Meditation is also not thinking about the past and future. Meditation is not affirmations or even mindfulness. Meditation is no-thingness. Meditation is connecting to the vastness of the Cosmic Void of Consciousness in a deep state of complete relaxation and bliss. No Thought, No Feelings, No Actions. To surrender to this state, meditation needs a wholistic state of being where your physical body, mental mind and emotional being are all in harmony and oneness with each other from an energy dynamic. 

To achieve this state of being, energy management of each level of being is imperative :

*A Good Diet is required for the body. If the body is constantly in a digestive process or in physical ailment, meditation is very difficult because the prana gets pulled into your body. Rest for the Body is as important. If the body is in too much Raja’s (activity), there will be much restlessness drawing energy rather than channeling energy up through the kundalini.

*Prana, is the Life force energy, required for the mind, which is only available when the mind is centered in the present moment. The vacillation of the mind can cause fluctuations in the polarity of your prana thus affecting your ability to go into deep meditation. Over thinking drains one’s prana and can leave one depleted and hence meditation becomes a nuisance. 

* Love is the energy of the emotional, causal level of being. A state of total self acceptance and oneness with the whole. When one lacks self love a blockage can occur that hinders one’s ability to be in a meditative state of being. This unconditional love is sourced from a deep connection to Divine Consciousness and a sincere devotion to the Cosmic Creator. This Love comes from within the core of your very being. Without this Love energy, one may feel good or see colours and imagery during a meditation practice, but this in itself is not meditation, its just an unconscious surface of impressions coming from the levels of being.

So how to meditate? We recommend starting with the basic Six Stage Maha Khala practice before booking a private session. You can join a group workshop and/or take the free online course. Master these Six Stages and when you are ready to advance your meditation practices book a private program or join the 3 day Maha Khala Silence Retreat.

The program is generally a 3 day retreat, focused on a specific meditation and self observation practice to master the process:
* Breathwork
* Pranayama
* MahaChakra Kriya

* A Hatha Yoga or QiGong routine may be included depending on your physical level of being.

Donation Fee for the Session is R4500 and is all inclusive of the session resources for after care.

Sessions can be booked on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or join the 3 day group event. Session Start time is at 9am and all booking terms apply.

To make a booking WhatsApp +27723596119 and/or email proof of booking payment to to confirm a date for your session.

Payment can be made to :
The Perennial Truth Foundation NPC
First National Bank
A/C Number : 62707386373
Branch Code: 250655
Branch: Carlswald 

We thank you in advance for your booking. All proceeds go towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara and our environmental projects at the Sanctuary.

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