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Spiritual Guidance

The Spiritual journey can be a very lonely journey and extremely emotionally draining. It is not a fairy tale story. The Dark Nights of the Soul, if not guided properly, can tear at some, even loose your way. For this reason most masters and so called gurus only focus on the aspects of Love and Happiness, because the Truth is a very difficult pill to swallow and for most people on the spiritual path, they re-gurgitate this because the path is just too difficult.

The journey of awakening must be understood, that it is a journey:
*It starts with Self Understanding | Getting to know who you are and these 12 disciples that govern your thoughts, feelings and actions
*And then deepening your understanding through Self Observation in knowing you are not who you think you are
*Intertwined with this is Self Awareness | A journey of introspection and inner reflection from the present moments perspective
*And finally when you emerge through the shrubs of the Maya, you get a glimpse of what reality actually is and this begins your journey of Self Awakening, a true spiritual path of surrendering to the present moment, in complete trust of Divine’s Will.

So this so-called journey cannot be guided in just one session. A commitment of personal dedication must be honoured. It starts with :
* Completing the Maha Khala 2 Day Free Workshop
* Being a regular participant at the Free Maha Khala Perennial sessions
* Contributing towards the foundation’s cause as a volunteer

Only then do Tjaart and Karen assess whether their time will be valuable for your spiritual growth. A customised program is then discussed based on your levels of being and what is needed for your spiritual advancement.

This 12 week program is a 120min session, once a week. Donation Fee for the program is R18000 and is all inclusive of the session resources for after care. You will have private access to Tjaart and Karen for guidance anytime, throughout the 12 weeks. 

The sessions focus on an hour of coaching (Q&A Style), and an hour advanced meditation practices and may include one or all of the below:
* Personal challenges experienced and present moment guidance
* Pranayama
* A MahaChakra Kriya
* A Mantra Initiation
* Vibrational Channeling
*Dynamic Maha Khala with Amar and Taara

Sessions can be booked on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Session Start time is at 9am and all booking terms apply.

To make a booking WhatsApp +27723596119 and/or email proof of booking payment to to confirm a date for your session.

Payment can be made to :
The Perennial Truth Foundation NPC
First National Bank
A/C Number : 62707386373
Branch Code: 250655
Branch: Carlswald 
Reference: Your Name

We thank you in advance for your booking. All proceeds go towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara and our environmental projects at the Sanctuary.

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