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What is Wellness? A Balanced Being living a Balanced lifestyle. In today’s society we rely heavily on our mental minds and very little on physical activity and emotional service to others. We have caregivers taking care of our children and gardeners doing the necessary work while we sit behind our phones or computers oblivious to the imbalances we are creating in our state of being. An as such happiness, peace and serenity become the desires we seek for yet if we just stopped for a moment and became one with that moment, we would ‘see’ things every differently and experience ourselves in a completely new way.

So our wellness services is a 4 Stage program with 3 sessions in each program adding up to a 12 week individual or group course:

* Your Body Speaks Your Mind focuses on the health and vitality of your body. Through a Bio-Quantum scan we assess the physical level of your being to find it’s source of your suffering. Please note we are not doctors by look to the body to find what the emotional cause is and treat that.

* Maha Khala for Mental Wellbeing encompasses everything you need in a program to connect to your True Self and learn how to live from the present moment more. We work through each Stage and apply advance techniques to manage the mental mind.

* Unconscious Unearthing focuses on the emotional level of being and the traumas that we carry with us from past lives as well as the karma lessons incurred in this lifetime. Working though our pain and suffering sets us free from the bondage of self sabotage and into a space of freedom, acceptance and surrender. 

* No wellness program can be completed without the connection to Divine Consciousness, God and the Almighty. To close your program we re-ignite your relationship with God allowing a transparent communion with your True Self in discovering your higher purpose.

Donation Fee for the Session is R18000 and is all inclusive of the session resources for after care.

Sessions can be booked on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Session Start time is at 9am and all booking terms apply.

Learn More about our Corporate Wellness Services. 

To make a booking WhatsApp +27723596119 and/or email proof of booking payment to to confirm a date for your session.

Payment can be made to :
The Perennial Truth Foundation NPC
First National Bank
A/C Number : 62707386373
Branch Code: 250655
Branch: Carlswald 

We thank you in advance for your booking. All proceeds go towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara and our environmental projects at the Sanctuary.

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