Study Your Self

The key practice that the foundation works on is Self Observation. Through this practice we deepen our journey of Self Inquiry in getting to know who we really are. Self Observation is the stepping stones towards Self Understanding and Self Awareness. If you cannot have the courage to observe who you are, you will spend your life allowing others to smother you with compliments on the masks you wear and never truly discover the ultimate purpose of life : Discovering Who You Are!


Self Awareness is at the core of the teachings at The Perennial Truth Foundation. Values cannot be taught! They just become habits and conditioning. Values are deep rooted moral codes that children mimic from their elders. Their first idols are their parents and if we as caregivers don’t even know who we are, how then can we be true inspirational role models to the youth. Discovering we we are, beyond the social conditioning throughout lifetimes, is the ultimate purpose of life! Do you know who you are? Who are you? Not the masks you wear, who are you really? 


We like to believe that we are immortal beings, this airy fairy idea that we are made from star dust and so on. It’s not wrong but truly tell that to your archetypes and see if they wish to no longer exist! Awakening is a gradual journey of many realisations that eventually allows the archetypes to awaken to the truth of What They Are and this truth frees one’s Ego to realise it’s True Self! the journey creates a oneness of the archetypes towards the same goal of self realization. What are you? I am light, I and energy, I am God, I am Divine, I am Love are all just words unless you can truly experience What You Really Are!


The main source of our pain and suffering is that we are never present! Never here right now in this moment. We live in the pain and misery of the past, which we have been conditioned on and we vacillate to the hopes of a different future which never comes. So we never enjoy this moment, the beauty of creation or the joy of just being. As such we create our own reality through gathering these seeds of Karmic debt over and over again. This pain and suffering is associated to an archetype and unless we can observe the workings of these personas only then can we be free of the chains of self sabotage. Because to live in the past is to live in misery and to live in the future is to live in hope but neither allows you to enjoy what is right here, right now! 

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