The True Self and The Soul

What is The Self?
In understanding The Perennial Truth, one needs to understand the terminologies and their subtle differences.

The Self as we refer to it, is the Soul, Pure Consciousness, The Witness or The Observer

The Ego-Self or the Individual Self is the True Self. The Self that contains the body, mind and emotional levels of being but without the interference of the Archetypes or personas. The Archetypes refer to the 12 personas of one’s identity that is developed through conditioning in embodiment. 

The source of our pain and suffering stems from the innumerable meanings that our archetypes place on every experience of life. The journey of stepping beyond the pain and suffering of life starts with understanding these 12 archetypes and becoming master of them rather than the personas being master of your state of being.

Ahamkara, The Ego

ahamkara, (Sanskrit: “I-saying,” or “I-making”) in Samkhya, one of the six orthodox systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy, the second stage of development of the prakriti, the original stuff of material nature, which evolves into the manifest world. In Hinduism the term also refers to excessive self-regard, or egoism.

Ahamkara follows the stage of buddhi (intelligence, or perception), in which the purusha (soul, or self)—once in a state of pure consciousness, i.e., without an object of contemplation—becomes focused on the prakriti and thus on existence outside of itself. From the “this-awareness” of the buddhi level evolves the ahamkara, or ego-consciousness (an “I-this awareness”). Ahamkara is thus the mistaken assumption of personality or individuality. It is mistaken because the soul is incapable of acting; it is rather the prakriti, the essential matter, that acts. Ahamkara in turn gives way to other stages in the transmigration of the soul.

The Ego-Self is very misunderstood. It, in itself is very much the door to awakening of one’s soul. However it is the desires of the 12 archetypes, the personas of the ego, that hinder the awakening of the soul and the liberation of the individual self, through their attachment of the sensory experiences of life. These 12 archetypes govern how we think, feel and take action in the world and self realization is not possible without becoming master of these 12 personas. Desires keep one on the wheel of samara and hence we return each lifetime to reap the lessons and rewards of the previous lifetime, only to create more karmic debt. There is beauty in the structure and design of creation but the limitations of our archetypes creates a vortex of repeated karmic lessons that we ourselves create.

Unless we become master of each persona, liberation from the dream called life, will not be possible. This journey towards self mastery is called The Great Work and has 3 Core Practices : Self Awareness, Self Observation and Self Awakening

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Master your archetypes by understanding how they think, feel and control your actions.

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