Teachings of TPTF

“There is the self consciousness, I, the ego, me, and then there’s the world I perceive. But even the world I perceive is a subjective perception of the world. You’re not truly observing reality but rather reality is passing through the filters of one’s subjective emotion and understanding and sense experience, perception. And so the world that one perceives is really the world according to you, and it’s reflected in one’s consciousness. And within that consciousness is this subjective observer who’s observing this world? So it’s very closely integrated, there’s a very close synergy between the observer of the world and the world it observes. The principle of quantum physics goes into how these different worlds these multiple worlds exist in the mind of the observer. The objective of the teaching is not to create further belief systems but rather to empower you with the understanding that helps you decode your own life’s events. So a test for truth : can that piece of knowledge explain the phenomenon in the world, with what is manifesting in your world as reality? So can it reveal the causality of the experience for the experiencer.

So, a question comes back to the individual : Do you have a truth? Do you personally have a truth?” Discover how to move through life with Awareness.

The teachings of the foundation is solely based on The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul. The custodian of this teaching is TLB Kruger with myself, Karen Kruger who has been with him from the onset of the TPT Quest which spans over 20 years now.


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