What our Participants Say

Dear Karen, Tjaart and the wonderful staff at The Perennial Truth Foundation

We had the most enchanting experience thanks to my friend Kumud Dullabh, who invited me to join her for a Crystal Divination and Chakra Balancing Treatment at The Perennial Truth Foundation.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a dashing, tall man dressed all in white. Talk about making a grand entrance! Instantly, I felt at ease in the sanctuary's vibrant energy.

On our way to the meditation building, we caught a glimpse of majestic tigers on our left, adding an extra touch of awe to the experience. We walked in silence, soaking in the serene atmosphere, until we reached a round building adorned with crystals and deities. The energy was simply breathtaking.

In a group of about 26 people, representing various genders, races, and backgrounds, we gathered in a circle of oh-so-comfy meditation chairs. Tjaart kicked things off with a talk on the caregiver role, sprinkling in some humor (and a friendly reminder not to channel our inner Ayrton Senna and meditate while driving!). It was a delightful and insightful start to our journey.

Next, Karen guided us into meditation using crystals and sound as healing and Chakra balancing tools. The music's chimes gracefully resonated with my body, each vibration and energy shift working its magic. I could feel my meridians transforming and my entire being accepting the beautiful energies throughout the blissful 45-minute meditation. Pure serenity washed over me, and I felt completely at peace. Afterwards, we emerged as rejuvenated souls, ready to conquer the world!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone at The Perennial Truth Foundation for this extraordinary experience. Kumud and I are already counting down the days until the upcoming 2-day Maha Khala workshop on May 27th. We simply can't contain our excitement!

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