The 12 Archetypes

The Archetypes

Our ego consists of twelve personas. You could also consider them the twelve limbs of the ego used to engage with the world. Because they are integrated by the soul (you), their seamless transition from one external engagement to the next makes the ego appear as one. The truth is that it is a crowd.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to stick to a decision or resolution? You decide never to drink again, but when the opportunity presents itself, you do. Why does this happen? The answer is simple: The one who suffers the hangover is not the one who indulged the night before. Have you noticed this?

When you are in one persona, you resolutely decide to follow a strict diet, but then another one binges. Yet they all feel like you. Some of them are more emotional, others more mental or physical, but they each span all three beings.

Have you noticed them? From a self-observation perspective, which is pivotal to the spiritual journey, it is imperative useful to become familiar with your inner personas. Some will be more dominant, while others will remain in the background, influencing you subconsciously.

Imagine a country that has twelve kings, each of whom gets a chance to rule for an hour. Imagine the chaos. Or twelve queens. You get the idea. You are only one of these twelve at a given moment of time. Those voices of reason in your head, that inner dialog you can observe, are coming from these twelve personas. Sometimes they band together and give unstoppable momentum to action. But at other times they go against each other, and your life becomes stagnant. Have you noticed these voices inside you? When something dramatic happens in your life, watch: Many of them will weigh in with their comments about it. One moment you are feeling better about what happened, but the next you are in despair once more. This is the differing perspective of the personas you are experiencing. Don’t be alarmed; this is perfectly normal. The only thing these personas have in common is you. You are always there. They are not. But you take them as yourself.

Have you come across a vagrant talking to himself out loud? Most of us don’t externalize these conversations but trust me, they are happening inside us all the time. Before one can rule you, it has to ascend the throne of your ego. Your throne of will, of “I am”. The switching happens fast, so you don’t notice it.

I went as far as giving my personas names to make it easier to identify them. A good astrologer could help you identify your dominant personas quite easily. A lot can be deduced from an accurate natal chart. Remember you have all twelve, but some will be more dominant than others depending on your identification with certain aspects of life. From a personal development perspective, it helps to understand which personas are your weaker ones. If you shirk from confrontation, it means your warrior persona is weak. If you shy from creative activities, your Craftsperson persona is underdeveloped. And so on.

Your difficulties in life are there for the development of your personas.

The better rounded you become, the easier it is for you to engage with life. Our personas evolve in this fashion so that your ego can conquer its environment. To understand the events of your life, it is good to examine the role of your personas and how they have grown in your lifetime. It needs to be pointed out, however, that often when we think someone has changed, all they have done is switch personas.

Through self-observation, you will notice that one persona seldom acts alone. Things gain momentum when one is in cahoots with others. The more personas that band together on an issue, the stronger the impulse and action that comes as a result. When all twelve are in agreement, your action becomes an unstoppable force.

Your twelve personas each have a set program of behaviors that can be observed as distinct values, opinions, habits, and preferences. The personas integrate with each other through you, rather than directly with each other, and in this manner, their differences are preserved. Those differing opinions that arise in you about a certain situation are those of your personas. When you act from their impetus, your behavior follows a predictable pattern, which is steeped in the past (habit) and not the present. Each of them has a life story.

I have categorized these personas according to their assertive roles. Each one of them can also fulfill a receptive role. The teacher for example, then becomes a student, and the provider becomes a dependent.

For the sake of understanding, I will give a brief overview of the twelve personas that rule our lives.

….extract from The Perennial Truth

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In this Blog Post Category we explore wisdom from The Perennial Truth by the Author himself, TLB Kruger. The picture on the puzzle box can look magnificence, but understanding how each piece fits together can be somewhat challenging if one does not have an understanding of The Perennial Truth. TLB offers us this understanding of the architecture of creation and our place in it.

TLB's Message : Everything can be understood to help you move beyond the Pain and Suffering of Life!
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As described in The Perennial Truth Book, Maha Khala is more than a Meditation Training Guide. It is a fundamental practice of living through the present moment rather than from the limitations of the mind and the heart. In this Blog Category we offer deeper understanding and more advanced techniques to the Six Stages of Maha Khala.

Our Message : Discovering the Art of Being integrates you on all levels and aligns you to the will of God. This fosters the highest purpose of life : To Die with Awareness and break free from this Wheel of Samsara! 
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This personal blog shares Karen's journey of applying The Perennial Truth in her own life as well as the learnings over the past 20 years of healing and guiding others to realise their truth. With over 20 years as a Spirit Coach, Vibrational Healer and Self Awareness practices of her own, Karen shares her expertise in understanding and working with the force of Karma.

Her Message : You don't need a Coach, you just need to discover your own Truth through connecting with your True Self!
Her Moto : Move through Life with Awareness!

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