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Why should we share The Perennial Truth? We have retreated from the world on numerous occasions and Divine keeps demanding we do The Great Work ourselves and share TPT to whomever wishes to receive it. I am often reminded of Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi) and how he was commanded by his masters to go to the west and introduce Kriya Yoga to the western mind. And now in the same lineage of Yogananda, we are directed to share TPT to the world.

What’s so special about TPT? Nothing other than offering a new perspective, in totality, of who we are, what we are and why we are here!

Spiritual Rehabilitation is The Perennial Truth’s way of Self Rehab. No one is coming to save us, we have to individually save ourselves from the bondage of pain and suffering. We are currently joining through an intensive period of information overload and on this catharsis of cleansing that which no longer serves us we are transforming our understanding through personal experience and self inquiry. At TPTF we’re terming this a process of spiritual rehabilitation.

Johan Herbst, a student at the foundation and now Blog Contributor, unwent a year long journey of Self Rehabilitation and shares what impact The Perennial Truth had on is life. 


“From a very young age Mental Health disorders was given to me cause I felt a little too deep from personality and mood disorders, drug addictions, depression and Revealing my sexuality that I am Gay I had face rejection by my own Family that ending up putting me on the streets as 17 year old kid but being on the streets had a lot of lessons it thought me to be humble and grateful for the little things but wasn’t the reality I wanted to live and I had to choose is that the life I want or do I deserve better and after 6/7months sleeping under a tree in a park I realized that only I can change the situation  and to better myself was the motivation that kept me going the need to grow and help myself made me mentally stronger so I found a job working in a barbershop eventually and by 18 I had my first little apartment but still All I did was searching for something that could explain the emptiness this dissatisfaction with life is a never ending nightmare I gave up on the search for Healing and I distracted myself again with Drugs but then I met my Partner who reminded me of the motivation that I need to grow in all aspects of my life and We both knew we had a lot of healing to do especially with the substance abuse and he took me to School of Samaya (TPTF) my first day walking in SOS I felt Like Home a warm feeling from the inside I was shocked I couldn’t really say much but I knew something special can come from this and that’s when my journey really started the healing was in motion and I didn’t really notice at first because situation worsen and all communications between my partner and I was taken away as he was sent to a rehabilitation program so I forced to be alone at first I was lost  but Instead of continuing the spiral of unhealthy habits I started really focusing on my meditation and Studying The Perennial Truth and  I realised Maha Khala is they key that opened the door to my soul and the only way to grow and heal is to go inwards that is when I fell in love with practicing Maha Khala and I know for a fact Maha Khala will be part of who I am for the rest of my time.Thanks to Uncle Tjaart the Master that took me through the 6 stages of Maha Khala and Karen for always being there when I had a question or just to share my experience with and all the abundance of knowledge you have shared with me .. I am grateful for all you are doing not just for me but the World at large, I have started Healing mentally, physically and emotionally I have been clean From my addiction through The Maha Khala Meditation Course and Guided Meditation with Uncle Tjaart Applying the knowledge and experiences into my own life my journey of Healing and Self rehabilitation has only begun its a hard emotional journey and healing takes time and Awakening can’t be rushed “Maha Khala teaches us how to empty the cup, if you don’t learn how to empty the cup of consciousness, nothing new can enter into your being 

I Love what School Of Samaya (TPTF) stands for and I have been so Inspired that I hope to live a lifestyle Like Uncle Tjaart and Karen Kruger Helping, Healing and Teaching how to heal one self, I hope to take it further sharpening my skills and Volunteer for Maha Khala practitioner, So I can be able to share this amazing meditation technique that gave me the opportunity to see myself and realize I have a purpose in life The Courses I have done so far has helped me mentally, physically and emotionally better my life and this new journey I am walking of self rehabilitation and Self Healing and Self realization gave me a vision forward a purpose where I Want to show the people like me the rejected people, the black sheeps, the lost people and the people that wants to heal but not sure how, I want to Inspire them through my self healing journey to motivate them towards their own self healing, I want to let them see my Journey with SOS and Self Rehabilitation and Self Healing I have done and Let that Inspire them and those Who I can Motivate guide them towards their Self Rehabilitation and Healing with the skills I was learned through Maha Khala Meditation  and support of School Of Samaya

Healing takes time and a journey of awakening is not a easy road like the Master says 

“No Pain No Growth” And it all starts with Going inward ” Maha Khala Leads you beyond the mind into the Heart and Beyond the Heart into the adobe of the soul bringing unity” And that is where you will met The Real you and healing Will begin.”




noun: rehabilitation; plural noun: rehabilitations

  1. the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

Spiritual Rehabilitation is an act of restoration, renewal, and repair. 

Restore your self worth

Renew your self identity

Repair your self acceptance

The practice of being self aware and finding your way back to a life beyond pain and suffering and one with the cosmic whole. Spiritual Rehabilitation is nucleus of our cause and outreach projects at The Perennial Truth Foundation.

This is why we do what we do! To awaken our self, the soul) and the one star fish in the process!

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