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 The exclusive content offered on this platform aims to take you deeper into Self Understanding, Self Observation and ultimately expand your sense of Self Awareness. This members only platform shares the ancient truths that come from a golden era called The Perennial Truth and applies that to esoteric stories, to reveal the Power of the Ancient Scriptures. If you’re Disillusion by Life, join us in discovering the hidden meaning of the deeper stories in the Bible and other ancient scriptures and learn how that affects your experience of life, how that helps with your understanding of your place in this world, and also with your understanding of the world.










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“Doubt is the Acceptable Philosophy of Ignorance!”

"A New Perspective of the Stories in the Bible!"

TLB Kruger | Spiritual Science Adept and Author, takes the ancient unchanging Perennial Truth, that does not vary with the cosmic seasons as religions do, and uncovers the deeper meaning of the stories in the Bible.

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A Theory for Everything!

“There can be no higher purpose than discovering the ancient truths and bringing that bounty to our modern understanding.” 

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who is god?

Helping you make sense of your life!

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An empowered Person is one who swims in the ocean of Understanding!

Our mission is to offer you the Truth, so that you may find meaning and purpose and live the best version of yourself. The vision of the foundation is rooted in Oneness through the adoption of spiritual sciences for the awakening of each individuals truth. Our objective is to promote a global community of generosity and righteousness with a deep sense of gratitude towards the Creator.


Crystal Divination

About KarenKaren has been offering her healing services for over 17 years. Through her own self healing processes she has overcome her personal challenges with endometriosis and the emotional traumas that affected her overall wellbeing. Karen’s advanced use of crystals and working with them proved the benefits and healing powers of crystals from changing energy […]

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Healing with the Five Elements of Nature

Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Knowledge of the five elements allows the yogi to understand the laws of nature and to use yoga to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. This arises out of deep intuition of how the universe operates.Knowledge of […]

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Your consciousness is a void of
unlimited potential!

TLB offers understanding, through the stories of the Bible, helping you make sense of your life and the world you live in.

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Discover The Power of the Bible!

Decoding the Hidden Meaning of the Esoteric Stories of the Bible!

The Disillusioned

Is there really a rise in non-believers of the Church? 

Creation of the Universe

Is the theory of the Big Bang and Evolution True?

Creation of Man

Did God really create man in ‘his’ image?

The Garden of Eden

The Rise and Establishment of the Intellect in our lives. 

The Story of Cain & Abel

Righteousness versus Possessiveness.

Noah and The Ark

Caregiver of the environment and the first Messiah.

The Tower of Babel

The Confusion of Tongues and Separation of Mankind.

Sodom & Gomorrah

The Story about Fertility and the Covenant of Humanity.

TDC in a Year

Promoting a Responsible and Generous Community through Self Understanding!

TLB Kruger

Author, Spiritual Adept, Ambassador of Truth!

 ” I have a passion for the truth. I have a passion for understanding. My passion has always been to delve deeper and deeper into truth, to delve deeper and deeper into understanding and to expand my acceptance of what is. I consider myself an Ambassador of the Cosmic Truth. And with that, I considered myself an Ambassador of God because at one level, God is love. But at another level, God is unfaltering truth and I’ve always had this attraction to the unfaltering truth because I’ve always seen that as the gateway to the unfaltering love. So, to me there can be no higher mission, there can be no higher purpose than discovering the ancient truths and bringing that value, that bounty to our modern understanding.”  

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The Perennial Truth

Understanding Fosters Acceptance!

Tjaart is the Ambassador and Scribe of The Perennial Truth which offers a theory for everything in your life. The Disillusioned Christian Discourses has it’s foundation of understanding from the teachings of The Perennial Truth.


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