A Journey back to the True Self!

As a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and suffering from severe asthma, and deafness, TLB Kruger battled to fit in socially with other kids when he was young. Needless to say he hardly had any friends and this led him towards an introverted behaviour of striving to be the best at everything so that maybe people would accept him and want to be his friend. But this did not work, instead creating more inner tension resulting in a deep desire to understand social interaction during his early adulthood. When western psychology did not provide him with the answers he was searching for, the east directed him towards a higher understanding of what the ego is and it’s purpose. This journey lead him to receive the teachings and practices as documented in The Perennial Truth publication.

A theory for everything in your life!

“There is the self consciousness, I, the ego, me, and then there’s the world I perceive. But even the world I perceive is a subjective perception of the world. You’re not truly observing reality but rather reality is passing through the filters of one’s subjective emotion and understanding and sense experience, perception. And so the world that one perceives is really the world according to you, and it’s reflected in one’s consciousness. And within that consciousness is this subjective observer who’s observing this world? So it’s very closely integrated, there’s a there’s a very close synergy between the observer of the world and the world it observes, you know, it’s this whole principle of quantum quantum physics goes into how these different worlds these multiple worlds exist in the mind of the observer. So a test for truth is cannot explain the phenomenon in the world what what is manifesting in your world as reality? So, a question comes back to the individual. Do you have a truth? Do you personally have a truth?” Discover how to move through life with Awareness.

Our Values


Understanding fosters Acceptance.


Acceptance fosters Awareness.


Awareness fosters Oneness.

Our Mission

The TPT Foundation has one core mission : to resurrect the truth of man in the image of God. This can only be achieved through Self Awareness.

The Perennial Truth Foundation fosters understanding to the unfairness of life!

Spirituality can be found in everything we do. It is not separate from life. Spirituality IS Life! The Perennial Truth Foundation hosted by  Tjaart and Karen Kruger offers spiritual science publications for Self Awareness. Their service for awakening consciousness is focused on sharing The Perennial Truth to foster a cosmic understanding on what is perceived as the unfairness of life. Their Holistic Wellness Sanctuary, nestled in Carlswald AH, in South Africa, offers bespoke programs integrating transpersonal psychology and natural healing methods, for physical vitality, mental growth, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening. Supported with their online resources, Self Understanding comes to the forefront in creating an awareness of who God is and the purpose of embodiment. Start your journey by purchasing a copy of The Perennial Truth book and/or dive right in with the Six Stage Maha Khala Meditation course.. 


A fulfilled life with meaning and purpose is your right!

The Perennial Truth is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the soul, The Perennial Truth comes form a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of the completed puzzles on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The Perennial Truth enables us to see our own wheels of time and to consciously transform our awareness through understanding who God is and the meaning and purpose of this embodiment.

Since 2004

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Tjaart and Karen have shared their personal journey and insights with thousands of liked minded, inspiring and propelling sincere seekers towards the awakening of their True Self and living their highest potential. 

Transform your life through understanding.

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Throughout the years Karen has offered accredited training courses empowering women to live their highest purpose as the caregiver, teacher and lover of this Divine creation called life. 

Prepare Humanity for the Golden Age.

Ignorance is no longer an Excuse!

The Perennial Truth offers this metaphysical understanding and integration of the un-manifested with the manifested for the individuals journey towards acceptance. The objective : To what degree can I live in harmony with the world, I perceive. Ultimately, spiritually, one wants to create a state of union between the individual ego, the subjective observer, and the world that is being observed. And the spiritual journey is all about creating a union between the seemingly separateness aspects of consciousness. 

As Featured In

At the launch of The Perennial Truth in 2018, TLB was invited for various interviews. 

Knowing the Truth is not enough!

Only when you can apply it does it become part of your understanding. Explore our publications, courses and services and start your journey towards a fulfilled and meaningful life in serving the awakening of consciousness. Happiness is a by-product of meaning. The Perennial Truth fosters understanding and creates clarity of the meaning and purpose of your life and this fosters a state of bliss and happiness that is not conditional to your external circumstances.


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