The Quest

What are we all searching for? What are you searching for? If we look deep enough we will see, emerging from the shrubs of desires, that we are all ultimately searching for our essence. This other worldly quest to discover who we truly are, why we are here and where do we go after we die?

Because we don’t have the awareness and because conditioning is so strong, we live in ignorance doing the same old, same old, that our forefathers did, living in fear to walk the unknown.

Well, the emergence of The Perennial Truth is here! Just look around you at the vast amount of knowledge that is coming through. Yes agreed, there may be some half truths, but we’re in ascension, the very beginning days in the Age of Aquarius, of information, so chaos is needed to prepare people for the truth.

The truth is not what you may think it is. And as such we have created a private sanctum for the sincere seeker on the journey of the awakening of their soul to study, explore and discover the answers they search for allowing their own truth to unveil itself towards their liberation.

Liberation from what? From the dream called Life! From the wheels of Samsara! From the Illusion!

To where? Well that’s the adventure right! We are each on our unique and individual quest, towards the same goal but at different speeds. Wherever you are, at whatever speed, The Perennial Truth Foundation offers you the wisdom, techniques and practical guidance to propel your journey of awakening.

Start your Quest with the Free Six Stage Maha Khala training and if you’re enamoured enough, sign up to the Perennial Vault for exclusive and full access to what we offer at The Perennial Truth Foundation.

You can study online by signing up (it’s free) and we recommend getting the app (TPT-A Sacred Quest) for easier access that allows you to practice wherever you are.

Enjoy the Quest!

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