Your True Self Deserves Your Ego’s Attention

Take care of your Prana and Divine takes care of the rest!

Energy is probably one of the main kept secrets of the karmic laws and for the awakening of consciousness.

As long as I can remember, my energy and pranic state of being was always first priority for me. If I didn’t like something I said so or just went to my room or a space where I could be alone. This started from as young as around 9/10 if I remember correctly. I was doing this even before TPT. I didn’t know it was to protect my energy, I just knew what I needed to do for me. This natural protection of my energy was not without its own sacrifices of walking this journey alone. Friends didn’t respect when I wanted to be alone, family members thought I was just stubborn and unsociable.

It’s worse when you’re an empath because you’re not only dealing with your own pain, the added intensity of feelings from your surroundings can leave you in a constant state of depression. And because we don’t have the support or understanding at a young age, we tend to either retreat into own own isolation where we feel safe or the complete opposite of clinging onto substances and pain inhibitors to make the voices in our head just shut the hell up so that the freakin emotional pain can go away. Right!

That spiralling dark hole that pulls you into the void is a scary space if you’re not guided properly. Needless to say I was fortunate to choose the former of retreating within. When I say fortunate, there’s a hint of sarcasm there because that in itself makes you hold all your traumas within and this gets stored in the cells of your body. (More on Your Body Speaks Your Mind when I get to that post….). So being ‘stubborn’ became a super power of mine which also helped me deal with all the name calling! Apparently I had ‘thick skin’ 😉

Only years later when I met Tjaart and started a conscious spiritual journey did I truly pay attention to energy and the powers of vibrational healing. I studied Yoga, Aromatherapy, Breathwork, Pranayama, Kriya, Reiki Healing, Fengshui, Vaastu, even a few inner child processes (yes I’ve been around) and applied all these practices to see which ones had the most positive effect for me. I found some unexpected realisations, over the years, which I would only understand later on during our journey of TPT.

Yoga worked (but not the commercial practices of today…I’m talking authentic Hatha Yoga). I even travelled to India to completed my Hatha Yoga – Practitioners Training. My body felt great (when it finally recovered). I was inspired but habit was not my strength and soon I realised I’m not one for physical activity, that demands routine, and so that slowly passed. 

Twenty years ago, when the fashionable spa services of today were called Aromatherapy Treatments, I did my training on working with herbs and oils. I loved this and to this day I still work with them and offer specific products. This replaced the yoga for me as I found certain herbs and oils did the trick for my healing. 

When I was initiated into Kriya by Tjaart, that for me was it! My first experience with the Cosmic Creator was orgasmic…no…better! I was finally home and that lead me to the vibrational healing and pranayama techniques in managing my mental mind and it’s polarity. But that also meant I had to dedicate time for this practice. Habit, habit habit, although a good habit, was still a habit and I was born to rebel against any form of conditioning! But then Maha Khala came along and said you can be present – at any time, any where, in any place, and I went ‘Sweet!’

Reiki Healing, Pranayama and Kriya is still part of my practices, but not as a routine. I’ve made it a sacred practice of Gratitude with Divine Consciousness! I’ve used Vibrational healing on all our pets even Amar and Taara and at the cusp of 50 years, I can swear by the effects of self healing, if done correctly. 

Part of this journey of energy management took me on an exploration of Feng Shui and Vaastu which expanded my understanding more as I applied these ancient techniques to our home and myself. Wearing crystals on myself, our home had crystals everywhere. Some of the changes worked and others no so much which kept me searching for more. And then TPT came along. For about four years before we even published, the journey was one of self discovery and self realisations. Tjaart receiving the wisdom and discussions thereof led me to go deeper in search for ‘My Truth’. I started looking deeper into everything I was doing in the external world and questioned this against the timeless wisdom we were being blessed with. 

Since then, the integration of this spiritual understanding into my life’s activities and more importantly managing my prana and channeling this towards my True Self was simplified into….


An internal focus on what was happening inside me, within each of my levels of being. All that work on the archetypes, the 7 realms of creation, the levels of being, polarity and the 6 stages of Maha Khala just made sense and came together effortlessly. Finally, I was hooked and found something that worked for me!

So back to you! What’s your energy management strategy?

The mental level of being is the bridge between the pain of the physical body and the emotional suffering of the heart. When I could understand why things happened the why they happened and when they happened, I could finally release the chains of that past trauma and move forward…..whether moving forward was another obstacle or boon, it didn’t matter. There was no attachment just a sense of freedom that was arising from each experience. My self awareness was expanding to include a wider scope of understanding. A Karmic understanding beyond time. And with this understanding I no longer felt the chains of self sabotage suffocating me. I could see the difference between my True Self and this Ego-Self named Karen.

Don’t get me wrong the Ego-Self still has it’s tantrums and self absorbed needs but the difference is the witness, my True Self can see the rantings of this ego and can observe it without the need to take action or be attached to any outcome. Even those days when I am caught on the wave of thoughts, it dissipates within three days. If I am feeling miserable more than that, I know I’m attached! It’s a conscious process of Self Awareness and through Self Observation transformation is possible. 

And so the new adventure began….nope not an airy fairy happy ending kinda journey but one that would make me stronger in moving beyond the storms of life.  

Today protecting my energy means :

*Saying NO to anything or anyone that does not serve my awakening (protecting my physical being)
*Embracing my archetypes in higher wisdom to allow them to evolve and foster oneness from within my being (mental being)
*Dissolving in emotional devotion to the Cosmic Creator and surrendering my archetypes to serving the greater good (emotional causal being)

So this is just a brief share from our session this Sunday that stemmed from the conversation about doing the Pranayama processes to move back through the seven levels towards your True Self. We’re on a journey of awakening so the understanding we share here is not necessarily the knowledge for success in life. 

However in saying this, what I have experienced is, that the more I give towards the work that is needed for my souls awakening, the more Divine takes care of everything else. Things just happen, I don’t have to do. My archetypes can surrender to the will of God, the Cosmic Creator.

Its taken me 49 years to get to the point that I am and I’m still, just getting started!

So, how about you?

Each one of us, is exactly where we need to be! There’s no rush because everything you are experiencing is off your own void of consciousness. You dictate the speed at which you awaken. But awaken you must! I’m just on the Ferrari to Awakening of my Soul because I just love the adrenalin rush when the horse power kicks in! 😉 My dad used to refuse to teach me how to drive because I could never get my foot off the accelerator! Once you experience your True Self and the Cosmic Creator, there’s no turning back….enough is not enough…and nothing is more important than resting in the ocean of Divine Consciousness!

So what’s your story? What’s your relationship with the Divine Dreamer? What practices do you follow to have communion with Consciousness? What’s your energy management strategies? How do you manage your prana (life-force energy)? Do you blame others, or do you take responsibility for the health of your energy fields?

Whether you’re just starting your spiritual journey by taking care of your physical health and eating better, doing yoga or physical activities, or whether its reading scriptures and being in the company of the more advanced or whether its facing your fears and deepening your understanding of your karmic debts and lessons and discovering who you truly are – whatever it is, just give as much attention to discovering your True Self as you do chasing your life’s goals. Your True Self deserves your attention! 

And it starts with managing your energy.

So daily practice of Pranayama and Meditation is needed more if you’re not in a high stavic space. Learn the Maha Khala practice, Buy The Perennial Truth Book and come join me on this sacred journey every Sunday morning. 

We’ll talk more on breathwork and pranayama techniques in the following posts. Ps: You don’t need to run to a spiritual coach, you just need to tap into the one hidden deep within your True Self! More about snake oil salesman and why this journey can only be walked alone….

With Cosmic Love, Divine Light and Tiger Hugs

Keep Smiling!


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TLB's Message : Everything can be understood to help you move beyond the Pain and Suffering of Life!
TLB's Moto : Seek God in everything you do!

As described in The Perennial Truth Book, Maha Khala is more than a Meditation Training Guide. It is a fundamental practice of living through the present moment rather than from the limitations of the mind and the heart. In this Blog Category we offer deeper understanding and more advanced techniques to the Six Stages of Maha Khala.

Our Message : Discovering the Art of Being integrates you on all levels and aligns you to the will of God. This fosters the highest purpose of life : To Die with Awareness and break free from this Wheel of Samsara! 
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This personal blog shares Karen's journey of applying The Perennial Truth in her own life as well as the learnings over the past 20 years of healing and guiding others to realise their truth. With over 20 years as a Spirit Coach, Vibrational Healer and Self Awareness practices of her own, Karen shares her expertise in understanding and working with the force of Karma.

Her Message : You don't need a Coach, you just need to discover your own Truth through connecting with your True Self!
Her Moto : Move through Life with Awareness!

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