As humans we have come to this planet to grow; physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

For us to fit into the cyclical nature of these three worlds, it is in our nature to form habits. These habits or compulsions can easily become dependencies and in certain cases even addictions.

Habits manifest at all three levels – physical, mental, and emotional. With habits you still have control, and you can stop whenever you want. With dependency it is more difficult, and you will experience withdrawal when you do eventually stop. And when you are an addict, you have gone beyond your ability to stop at will – the craving overwhelms your will, and you lose control over it. You could say you have surrendered to the compulsion. In the case of addiction intervention is usually required. 

Addiction can apply to any psychological dependency and not just mind-altering chemicals and stimulants. You can become addicted to sex, sweets, electronic games, or even conditional love. And these addictions can become detrimental to your physical, mental or even emotional health. The first step to overcome addiction is to admit that you have a problem and that you have lost control. Then the healing can begin.

With this background in mind, I would like to state that most humans today are thought addicts, thought junkies. We simply cannot stop thinking! Many of us can’t even sleep properly at night because we have no ability to stop the modulations of our minds. 

This compulsion to remember, reason or imagine overwhelms us. We confront it with sleeping pills, followed by groggy days. Or we displace it with other addictions that can be far worse. We drink to forget. Or take drugs to step beyond the confining boundaries of logical reasoning. 

But even then, we still end up thinking while cooking, while eating, when we are walking, driving and sometimes even when we are making love, because we have lost our natural ability to stop thinking and step beyond the mental and simply be in the heart, in present moment. 

This constant vacillation of the mind between the past and the future causes tremendous levels of stress in our systems, often making our bodies ill and our hearts to shrink. If left untreated, it can destroy the quality of our lives. Throwing prescription drugs at it is not the solution! That is simply swapping one dependency for another.

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