Yoga and Maha Khala

Maha Khala enhances your yoga practices. We have had many comments that even in yoga the thoughts do not subside. The mind gets attached to the body and the thoughts play as background music while engaged in the discipline. If you do struggle with being present during your yoga practices, apply Stage 1 of Maha Khala during your practice and when you sit for meditation apply Stage 6. For the advance Maha Khala practitioner you can apply Stage 6 from the start of your yoga routine and observe your experiences.

The beauty of combining Maha Khala with your daily yoga practice offers a more integrated spiritual program for the advanced meditator.

The flow of the postures and breath allow the awakening of your core chi from the base on your dormant kundalini energies and allows that to flow up the shushumna nadi activating and awakening your crown chakras so that when you sit for meditation after your routine, your mind does not block your connection to Divine Consciousness.

Remember Maha Khala is about coming into the present moment at will. When you are in this moment, time does not exist hence any blockages you may carry within your mental or emotional centers will not be an obstacle because the prana will be flowing though your energy channels. This is especially good for healing of the body as well. You can direct that prana with the movement of your posture to where you require healing in the body. Its truly amazing….

Maha Khala integrates the body through the postures and creates union with your mind and your causal levels of being, elevating your yoga practice.

Try it for yourself!

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